Dr.Shaik Ubaid

Shaik Ubaid is a neurologist based in Albany, New York and claims to be a human rights activist. He is a radical Islamist and Hindu hating bigot. He has been instrumental in forming various anti-Hindu and anti-India organisations in the United States. He was former President of IAMC (Indian American Muslim Council – formerly Indian Muslim Council), founder of CAG (Coalition Against Genocide), founder-presidnet of IAMNNET ( Indian Minorities Advocacy Network), founder of CDCD (Coalition for the Defense of the Constitution and Democracy), founder AIM (Association of Indian Muslims of America), co-founder Indian American Coalition for Pluralism (IAPC), co-founder Burma Task Force, co-founder Muslims Peace Coalition USA, founder AJA (Alliance for Justice and Accountability), and more recently founder of ASPAIRE USA (Alliance to Save & Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists). He works closely with CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) and was also associated with Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims, Chicago and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). Both CCIM Chicago and ISNA were accused in providing financial and material support to banned terror outfit SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2008. He is a strong supporter of Islamic invaders and had many times tweeted in favour of Taimur Lang and Babur. He has also many times white-washed the butchery, desecration and killings of cows by the Islamic invaders.

Ubaid is a hard core anti-Hindu and denies the liberal values of organisations such Hindu American Forum (HAF). His relentless efforts to present Hindu rights groups as supremacists is well reflected on his social media posts. He goes to the extent where he calls the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a “Hitler loving organisation”. Any body who speaks in favour of Hindus or the current Indian dispensation, Ubaid labels them as “Hindutva” or “Sanghi” ( a derogatory way to refer to RSS). Many times he likens RSS to the Nazi’s, ISIS and lies about their links to Mussolini. Shaid Ubaid and other radical Islamists and radical communists were instrumental in launching attacks on World Hindu Congress in 2018. RSS has been likened to ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Nazis, and Klu Klux Klan.

Disinfo lab have exposed Shaik Ubaid and his lAMC links to terrorists and terror organisations here.

Campaign against Narendra Modi

Ubaid’s efforts to diminish India’s image in the world goes back to 2005. In 2005 he founded Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), an umbrella forum in response to target the then Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. The prime aim of this group was to whitewash Muslim instigation that led to Godhra violence in 2002. This group of organisations misled many US Congress members and subsequently the visa of Modi, who was scheduled to attend various gatherings, was denied. This group is still active today and continues with the same agenda of white-washing Muslim instigation and participation and present a one-sided view of events.

Well known Indian communists and their organistions are part of this forum like, FOIL (Forum of Inquilabi Leftists) SASI (South Asian Solidarity Initiative) and their founders like Vijay Prashad, Biju Mathew, Prachi Patankar, Angana Chatterji, etc. In his bid to keep India defaming in front of the world, he formed another group called Alliance for Justice and Accountability in 2014 and distributed flyers with “Black flags for Modi” message in the backdrop of PM Modi’s historic US visit.

Ubaid’s latest effort of conspiracies against Hindus and India is ’ (ASPAIRE USA). This group targets Hindus of India exclusively from coming to the US. This group can be perceived as an instrument to restrict the Hindu population in the US.Recently ASPAIRE USA ganged up with Emgage and launched a slanderous attack on Sri Preston Kulkarni. Ubaid and his groups have now roped in another Hindu hating bigot, a Christian supremacist working for Khalistanis, Pieter Fredreich.

Whatsapp meassage from Dr.Shaik Ubaid to come together Hindu candidates in US elections 2020

More recently, Ubaid via ASPAIRE is throwing his weight behind Florida chapter of Project-MATHS (Mothers Against Teaching Hate in School) for removing a chapter on Narendra Modi from school books of Florida. According to Project-Maths’ Florida State-Coordinator Asma Azeem  “My fourth-grader casually mentioned to me today that the Epic reading app, the public schools all over the US have under their curriculum, the book on Narendra Modi by the same title !  I was baffled as to why little elementary school level American kids are reading a book on a mass murderer and a dictator who committed heinous crimes.”  Condemning the inclusion of Narendra Modi in school books Ubaid says “Narendra Modi was denied diplomatic visa to the US for his government’s complicity in 2002 Gujarat pogroms where more than 2000 Muslims were butchered, more than 500 women gang raped and more than 185,000 people made homeless’”.

Blames Hindus for all extremism

Ubaid also prematurely blamed Hindus for August 5th 2012 attack on Sikh Gurudwaram Milwaukee he said “Some Hindu extremist groups in the US have joined hands with other Islamophobic hate-peddlers. They should now realize that the hate that they are spreading endangers all South Asians irrespective of their religious backgrounds and will not be limited to hatred against Muslims.” Later investigations revealed the attack was carried out by a white supremacist.

In fact his nefarious campaign to malign the character of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the US deny visa to the present PM when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Lying about mis-treatments towards minorities in India and on forming AJA he had told the media, “The Alliance has been formed in the wake of increasing violence and incendiary rhetoric against minorities led by organisations and parties aligned with the Sangh Parivar. Its initial objective is to use the high profile visit of Narendra Modi to draw attention to the threats to India’s pluralism.”

Ubaid also was in the forefront to bully, intimidate and force digital advertisement board owners in New York City from playing images of Shri Ram on 5th August 2020- the day of Ayodhya temple’s ground breaking ceremony. He said to an obscure news portal Journaliesteye.com “I need a few minutes of your time today to convert despair and sadness into contentment and victory. Hindutva terrorists and supremacists who have killed tens of thousands of Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, etc. are going to gloat in Times Square of New York City on August 5th”. In an article to CalrionIndia.net titled Hindutva Driving Fascism in India, Islamophobia in the US, Ubaid openly threatens Hindus coming to American shores and says “Every year tens of thousands of Hindutva supporters come to the United States as students and IT professionals. They have been so emboldened as to be openly forming alliances with American Islamophobes.” He goes to list Hindu groups in the US and uses terms such as “evil”, “hateful ideology” “racist Hindutva forces” to describe them. In the end he says “The time is upon us for US faith leaders, human rights groups and news media to call out Hindutva as the racist, hateful ideology that it is, and to resist its spread in the United States.”

Numerous times he has supported and promoted Indian muslims refusal to say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. In an article for Clarionnet.com titled By Raising ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ Issue, RSS Lays Trap For Muslims, Ubaid says “By agreeing to the demands of the Hindutva lobby to raise specific Hindu-centric slogans and sing special Hindu-centric anthems as requirements of patriotism, they undermine the constitution. Fanning the slogan controversy is clearly a Machiavellian move by the RSS, the fountainhead of the Hindutva supremacist ideology. “Bharat Mata” does not refer just to the motherland but is generally understood to mean the embodiment of the motherland in the form of a Hindu goddess.

In an article in an Islamic propaganda news portal Calrion.net, America Has Learnt No Lessons from 9/11, Ubaid twists the anniversary of 9/11 to make baseless allegations against Hindus, and RSS. He claims “Today fortunately Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation is not only being fought, mostly by Muslims, but is also being heavily monitored to make sure that it does not infiltrate the US again. Unfortunately though, the largest terrorist organisation in the world, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of India which was launched after its founders met with Mussolini and which later took Hitler as its role model, has been freely infiltrating not only the US but its power centres too.”

On Kashmir

In an interview with Crescent International News magazine for Islamic Movement titled Crisis in Kashmir Shaik Ubid blatantly lied about India’s history, called “Jinnah” secular, justified the creation of Pakistan, gives clean chit to Pakistan promoted and sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, lied about Muslim ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, white washed Hindu genocide in Kashmir in 1990, fear mongered about self perceived Muslim genocide in India.

For India reclaiming Pakistan Occupied Kashmir he says “If India tried to take over the whole of Kashmir, even if Pakistan were defeated, China would not allow that.” While giving a clean chit to Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, Ubad says “We should not forget that Jammu was also a Muslim-majority area in 1947. That area was ethnically cleansed in 1947 and became Hindu-majority. So they want to do the same thing in the Valley of Kashmir, to change the demographics there, to have an ethnic cleansing, a genocide. And it is just natural for people, as human beings, to resist. Even if you take away religion, take away the Pakistani factor, nobody wants to be treated as slaves or even be killed or ethnically cleansed. So that is the reason why in 1987, when the Kashmiris realized that India would not allow them to have fair elections even locally, the population rose up. And that led to massive reprisals, killing at a massive scale, and rape, which was later adopted by the Serbians who used it in Bosnia.”

Wants sanctions on India

Inviting malicious scrutiny towards India by other countries, Ubaid had also said, “…if there are violations of human rights going on in India, other countries have an equal right and obligation to speak out against them”. He further termed former BJP president and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to the US as begging and accused the veteran leader of disrespecting the sovereignty of India.

As President of IMANNET, Ubaid welcomed USCIRF’s recommendation to designate India as Country for Particular Concern (CPC). During anti-CAA protest, Ubaid and other break-India forces also sought sanctions on Indian Home Minister Amit Shah.

Below are some of his social media posts.