July 2021

  1. Christian Missionaries Target Scheduled Castes in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Secretary Asked to Submit Report to NCSC
  2. Jagan’s destruction of Andhra – dangerous conversion agenda that would break India
  3. Conversion in Chhattisgarh at peak, state government still on denial mode
  4. Lord Ram and Krishna are mythical characters, only Christ existed: Kerala teacher’s online class triggers massive controversy
  5. Mentally unstable Hindu woman raped in Christian home, beaten and trained to blame her uncle
  6. DMK appoints a Christian missionary as member of TNPSC : who is Pastor A Raj?
  7. Dalit Families Lured to Convert to Christianity by Missionaries in Bihar’s Gaya
  8. How Christian missionaries are grabbing Hindu temple lands in Tamil Nadu using unscrupulous means
  9. Madras High Court Warns Tamil Nadu Govt of Action If Measures Not Taken to Recover Temple Land
  10. Andhra village passes resolution to curb rising Christian conversions, illegally constructed Church to be removed
  11. “Hindu” word removed from HR&CE dept board in Nagercoil, added after protest from Hindu leaders
  12. Superstitious beliefs such as ‘miraculous’ treatment drives members of Mahadalit community in Bihar to embrace Christianity: Details
  13. For demolition of an illegal church, Kerala CM expresses “shock”, Kejriwal denies responsibility
  14. US-based Christian NGO spreading communal disharmony: MP HC asks State govt, NCPCR to respond to the complaint filed. Read details
  15. Marxist Jesuits are not for tribal welfare. India and Indian Catholics both must realise that
  16. Sukma SP orders supervision of Christian missionary activities in tribal areas
  17. Exclusive : Bengaluru Church converted 1000s of children in orphanage, got crores from USA!
  18. Five children, including four girls rescued from Shalom Biblical Baptist church in Bengaluru: Report
  19. Delhi: Church built upon encroached land demolished, members claim action ‘illegal’
  20. Christian pastor in Andhra sexually assaults 10 year old girl, stuffs ₹50 in her hand to keep quite
  21. Tamil Nadu: Evangelist encroaches a hillock and builds church
  22. Reality Check: Why Liberation Theology Is Not The Innocent Doctrine It Is Being Made Out To Be
  23. Evangelist, Maoist and not a “Swamy” : the real story of Stanslaus Lourdusamy
  24. Discrimination in Catholic Church- Marginalised Christians lament that they could have remained Hindus
  25. Bishop Heber college Professor Paul Chandramohan accused of sexual harassment by five PG students: Read full details
  26. UP: अंबेडकर नगर में क्रिश्चियन मिशनरियों के बड़े नेटवर्क का पर्दाफाश, चंगाई सभा लगाकर होता था ब्रेनवॉश, 3 साल में 300 हिंदुओं का कराया धर्मांतरण
  27. Medecins Sans Frontieres, Red Cross treat Maoists: Dantewada SP
  28. असम: भक्ति गीतों में ‘ईसा मसीह’ का नाम डाल धर्मांतरण का ‘स्कैम’ करने वाला रंजन चूटिया गिरफ्तार
  29. DMK Minister’s daughter-in-law wants a law that requires Vatican’s permission to arrest Christian pastors: Details
  30. Hindu Munnani condemns DMK government for appointing Anti-Hindu atheists to TN Textbook Service Corporation
  31. केरल: 5 से ज्यादा बच्चे पैदा करने पर चर्च देगा पैसे, छात्रवृत्ति की भी घोषणा
  32. Devikulam MLA A Raja is Christian, not SC; Congress leader moves HC
  33. Dalit Christians accuse Catholic leadership of discrimination
  34. Why the sudden spurt of evangelization in Bharat
  35. Watch: Tamil Nadu police remove saffron flag, demolishes boundary wall of a Hindu resident who says Church filed false complaint