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Stop Hindu Hate Advocacy Network (SHHAN) documents people, institutions, organisation and media houses that promote hatred of Hindus and India. We report hateful content and hate crimes by far-left, Islamic forces, Christian conversion mafias, and anti-Hindu activists across the world. This includes, but not limited to, the onslaught that Hindus face from Western universities and Western media organisations. 

It started when like-minded individuals refused to sit quietly while forces inimical to the country were combining strength that put Hindus in India and around the world in danger. We are today facing extinction from Islamic terrorism, Christian conversion mafias and ultra-left radicalism. Thus, the need to document and expose people, institutions, organisations and media houses that are aiding and abetting hatred, racism and bigotry of the only ancient, unbroken, polytheistic civilisation in the world.

All of the content we gather is from publicly available sources, and we aggregate it into a concise format for easy viewing to the general public. Content is always verified before it is published.

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 31

स्वधर्ममपि चावेक्ष्य न विकम्पितुमर्हसि |
धर्म्याद्धि युद्धाच्छ्रेयोऽन्यत्क्षत्रियस्य न विद्यते || 31||

Bhagvad Geeta Chapter 2 , verse 31

Besides, considering your duty as a warrior, you should not waver. Indeed, for a warrior, there is no better engagement than fighting for upholding of righteousness. 

What is Hindutva?

Hindutva is an intellectual, political, socio-response, of Hindus to prevent themselves from aggression, predation and proselytisation from semitic Abrahamic faiths like Christianity and Islam.

Source: Times Now YouTube Channel

What is the need for Hindutva?

Abrahamic faiths by very nature are predatory, proselytising and negate the existence of other faiths as false faiths. As long as Abrahamic faiths continue their existence as proselytising religions, Hindutva will be there to protect itself.

Source: Times Now YouTube Channel

Examples of Abrahamic religions aggression on Hindus

Islamic atrocities on Hindus

Law is Modi’s, court are Modi’s. No law is passed in support of Muslims. We will not accept the court’s verdict. We will not move even if NRC and NPR is implemented. If there are 70 crore Hindus, there are 40 crores Muslims. When our numbers will become more than yours, we will drag every Hindu out of their house and kill them on the roads. Then you will learn a lesson.

Source: Social Media

This muslim man threatens Hindus that if illegal Rohingyas are not given citizenship then Hindus names will remain only in dates and India will cease to exist on the World map.

Source: RAIR Foundation USA

Christian atrocities on Hindus

In state of Arunachal Pradesh, a Christian pastor is destroying tribal temple and gods and setting them on fire. A police case has been filed against the pastor.

Source: Social Media

Former US Senator Gordon Smith attached to Mormon Church explaining how he got Former Indian Ambassador Ronen Sen to issue more visas for missionaries from his church for conversion programmes in India.

Source: Mission Kaali Twitter