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Opindia: Those who founded a Kashmiri separatist platform write for TheWire about George Soros-funded institution labelling India an ‘autocracy’ 8th March 2023

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India TV News: Our tweet exposing the people behind blaming Hindus for Leicester violence was picked up by India TV news during their Prime Time news programme – 23 September 2022

OpIndia: Majid Freeman, the BBC and Guardian’s ‘good samaritan’ had claimed the 2005 London bombings were false flag ops by the Brit govt – 5 October, 2022

ReportWire: Islamist who instigated anti-Hindu violence in Leicester had claimed 7/7 London bombings had been achieved by British govt – 23 September 2022

OpIndia: After relying on ISIS supporter’s version on Leicester violence, The Wire gives platform to Islamist who claims it was provoked by RSS – 23 September, 2022

Hindupost: The Wire interviews Marxist-feminist academic Amrit Wilson to paint Hindus as ‘aggressors’ in Leicester violence – 23 September, 2022

Hindupost: Guardian journalist Aina Khan tries to pin anti-Hindu Leicester violence on RSS and Hindutva – 20 September 2022

The Local Report: See the massive Muslim population in Leicester after the IND vs PAK Asia Cup match, the wave of attacks on Hindus – 19 September 2022

Naija on Point: Watch Massive Muslim Population In Leicester Unleashes Wave Of Attacks On Hindus Daily Since IND vs PAK Asia Cup Match As UK Police Watches On, Hindu Temples Attack, Children Beaten And Houses Broken Into In Viral Violence Videos On Twitter – 19 September 2022

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