Alt News

Alt News is pro-Islamic, fake news propaganda, allegedly fact checking news portal. It was founded by left leaning Pratik Sinha. Alt News operated under the aegis of Pravda Media Foundation that is joined owned by Pratik Sinha, Mohammed Zubair and Pratik Sinha’s mother Nirjhari Sinha. Parvda Medis Foundation received an undisclosed sum of money from The Independent and Public-Spirited Media Foundation (IPSMF). IPSMF has also funded another propaganda news portal, The Wire. According to Pratik Sinha, Alt News has also received an undisclosed sum of money from Zindabad Trust which is managed by Hindu hating, break-India member Arundhati Roy.

Alt News is known to give a spin on news stories, shields and white washes crimes committed by Muslims, promotes Islamic supremacy all under the behest of a ‘fact-checking’ website.

During anti Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest, ALt News shielded students from Jamia Milia Islamia university who were rioting and throwing stones at Delhi Police. The stones were termed as ‘wallets‘ after their alleged ‘fact check’. Take a look at the image below. Notice the difference how Alt News reported and the actual news.

Similarly in April, Alt News gave a clean chit to a Muslim man by calling him a ‘partially paralysed’ man. This man deliberately threw a Rs.20 note after re-feuling his scooter at a gas station. While calling others as fake news, Pratik Sinha tweeted the “Muslim man with partial paralysis accidentally dropped currency note at a petrol pump’. Take a look at the video below.

Earlier in 2020, founder Pratik Sinha doxxed unsuspecting twitter handles simply because he did not agree with their political views. This resulted in the twitter handle receiving a barrage of threats and abuse by radical Islamists on twitter. The twitter handle had made a thread on love jihad which did not go down well with the founders of Alt News, Pratik Sinha and Moahmmed Zubair. Doxxing means to search and publish private or identifying information on the individual over the internet

On another occasion Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair shared a cropped video via his twitter handle alleging Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Gonda, Uttar Pradesh during a protest rally against Pakistan condemning Pulwama terror attacks. He also urged his followers to ‘retweet’ to spread propaganda against Hindus and incite communal disharmony. Gonda Police immediatley issued a statement rejecting the claims of Alt News.

On the other hand Alt News had readily come to the defence of Muslims in 2018 who raised pro-Pakistan slogans. Alt News did a fact-check and passed it off as ‘fake news’ and raised questions of the authenticity of the video. Bihar Police immediately issued a statement that mentioned the video was shot in Araia, Bihar and was not doctored. Two muslim men Sultan Azmi and Shehzad, were arrested in connection with the incident.