NRI Affairs

NRI Affairs is a Australian based Indian news portal launched by three Indians Deepak Joshi, Haroon Kasim and Vivesk Asri on 1st May 2021. As per their website “NRI Affairs is a platform for overseas Indians and South Asians to stay connected with their culture and to provide a window into their lives.” Theya re pro-Khalistani and give platform to Kashmiri separatism.

Vivek Asri formerly worked for Australia’s state broadcaster SBS. Previously in India he worked for NavBharat Times. In his blogs for NavBharat Times, Vivek wrote a letter to Nirbhaya’s mother to forgive her daughters killers because forgiveness was a part of Hinduism while in another blog on terrorist Yakub Memon, Asri writes Memon will not get forgiveness even he if has turned in a Gandhian becuase there is no forgivenss in Hinduism. He has also called Hanuman as ‘ugly’ and ‘God is as dangerous as gun‘.

Mohammed Haroon Kasim is the founding member of Australia’s Hinduphobic group The Humanism Project (THP). He co-founded THP along with Deepak Joshi. THP is often seen in the company of Jamat-e-Islami fronts like Indian American Muslims Council (IAMC), ultra-radical left groups like Hindus for Human Rights, Students Against Hindutva Ideology (SAHI), Equality Labs, etc.

NRI Affairs has spread fake news on India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), where they supported and flamed the fake news that the act was anti-Muslim that takes away citizenship from Muslims. Their article Under PM Modi Millions of Muslims Risk Losing Citizenship, Scholars Say was a detail on an international summit India On the Brink: Preventing Genocide where various Hinduphobic ‘scholars’ from across the world congregated on an ‘impending’ genocide of Indian Muslims. Brahmin hating Christian Kanch Illiah, ultra-leftist Suchitra Vijayan, Afreen Fatima whose father has been arrested for masterminding 2022 Kanpur riots, Prof. Apoorvanand, 2020 Delhi riots accused, among others were participants.

They also supported the Hinduphobic conference “Dismantling Global Hindutva“. In another article by one Shamsul Islam “Modi Ji! Aurangzeb ruled through high caste Hindus; was cruel to Muslims too“, the author re-writes history to suggest Mughal tyrannt and bucther if Hindus Aurangzeb killed Muslims through upper caste Hindus. Aurangzeb singel-handedly killed 4.6 million Hindus, razed and desecrated 100’s of temples. The author writes “The Hindu high castes provided brain and muscles to the Mughal rulers continuously. Thus, Mughal rule was the rule of Hindu high castes also.” He quotes Hinduphobic author Audrey Truschke “However, there are contemporary records available of his patronizing Hindu and Jain religious places. [Trushke, Audrey, “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth”, Penguin, Gurgaon, 2017, pp. 99-106.] Reducing all his crimes to the repression of Hindus only will tantamount to reducing the gravity of his crimes.” He furhter states “Ravana was a learned Brahman who also happened to be one of the greatest worshippers of Lord Shiva who is worshipped at Kashi Vishwanath Temple. If like Aurangzeb Ravana’s criminal deeds are linked to his religion then PM Modi will have to wage war against all Brahmins and Shivites!”

In an article by Mudit Vyas, student at Monash University, “A statement on Palestine” says, “Before the idea of the word “India” was consecrated in 1947, South Asia was a land of over 500 imperial states under one colonial rule.”

In another article The process of genocide is well underway in India, experts say at final day of global summit covering the third day of the Hinduphobic India on the Brink: Preventing Genocide, had speakers like Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, Haroon Kasim of THP, Mohan Dutta of Massey University, ISI connected Angana Chatterjee, Islamist journalist Alishan Jaffri, alleged journalist Kaushik Raj among others participated.

NRI Affairs also promotes the Hinduphobic and Khalistan supporter Amar Singh of Turbans4Australia. Amar Singh is in the forefront of Khalistan movement in Australia. His groups of supporters attacked Indian student Vishal Jood in the now infamous Harris Park incident and responsible for defaming Vishal Jood. Vishal objected to anti-India slogans and desecration of Indian flag by Khalistanis during the farmer protest in Australia against Indian government’ farm laws. Khalistanis and NRI Affairs called Vishal ‘Hindu nationalist’ who hated Indian minorities especially Sikhs. Vishal’s lawyers provided evidence of how Khalistanis attacked Vishal and his friends first. NRI Affairs also spread fake news that Vishal was convicted for hate crime and was deported. He served 6 months for a minor case of damage to property. Vishal was not deported as widely published but his student visa expired while in jail. On being released he was offered the option to continue with fresh visa issued by Australian government or return to India. He choose to return as Khalistanis were baying for his blood. This was confirmed by his lawyer Amendra Singh in a You Tube interview with Citti Media.

NRI Affairs have supported USCIRF, Islamist organisations and Christians evangelical groups calls for economic sanctions against India and to designate India as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’.

On 24th May 2022 NRI Affairs published an article “A xenophobic and authoritarian India would destabilise the Quad and Australia’s interests”: Human Rights activists write to Anthony Albanese” on THP’s letter to newly-elected Australian PM Anthony Albanese urging the PM to speak out against India “Australia’s silence on India’s human rights violations, suppression of dissent and free speech legitimise its autocratic authoritarianism.” The article further states “Australia cannot pretend India will be an able and stable partner in the face of all-round democratic and economic decline. Further, the resultant fissures within civil society in India are creating a direct and damaging ripple effect within the Indian diaspora in Australia. The increasingly emboldened right-wing assertions by the supporters of the current regime threaten the peace and harmony within the social fabric of our communities,”.

NRI Affairs also carried an article written by Pawan Dhingra of Amerherst College, USA on “How Indian American spelling bee dominance may fuel educational inequities” where the author insinuates Indian-Americans wining the Spelling Bee ‘fuels educational inequality’ in the US.

On the film The Kashmir Files, a film depicting the horrors of Hindu genocide in Kashmir on 19th January 1990, NRI Affairs in their article “Frenzied publicity of Kashmir Files raises questions about its true intentions” the Gargee Chankravarthy, equated the film to Nazi’s anti-Semitic film Hilter Youth Quex and Jud Suss. The author further calls the film “one-sided story-telling, blood thirsty and violent film” and a “propaganda tool”. Gargee writes “People are coming out of the cinema halls angry and thirsting for revenge.” On New Zealand government withholding the release of the film under pressure for Islamic groups, NRI Affairs in their article “New Zealand’s former deputy PM throws his support behind The Kashmir Files” called the film ” ….a fictional story about the events in the Indian side of Kashmir in the 1990s when thousands of Hindus and Sikhs had to flee their homes after Muslim fundamentalists threatened them.” The film is based on 700 eye witness accounts.

In May-June 2022, Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD) invited India’s young Parliamentarian, Tejasvi Surya, NRI Affairs, THP and other Islamist organisations launched a sustained and relentless campgain to stop Tejasvi Surya from visiting Australia. NRI Affairs went so far even to falsely claim sponsors and Universities pulled out of the event. We called out this blatant falsehood in our tweet. In the article “Tejasvi Surya appeals to Australian Hindus to speak about India’s “most bloody, most gory” Islamic invasion“, quote a Muslim man from Australia, Waseem Razavi who runs Islamic Research and Educational Academy in Melbourne called Surya’s speech “derogatory and slanderous”. NRI Affairs quotes him as ‘youth councillor’. He says “.. there were derogatory & slandering statements spewed against several communities including Dravidians, Punjab Police & their Government, Bengal Police and their Government, Christian missionaries, Muslims as well Jewish community’s food practices.”

What NRI Affairs hides here is Razavi has been accused in the past of anti-semitism, Hindu hate, called Bhagwan Sri Ram ‘demonic’, wanted Sharia law for Australia, quotes terrorist Zakir Naik in his website, and invited hate preacher Abu Hamza who instructed Australian Muslim youth the beat their wife’s. Indic scholar Sarah L Gates has put out several social media posts exposing Razavi’s Hindu hatred.

NRI Affairs published an article “On Eid, NRI Hindus send love letters to Muslims” on Hindus for Human Rights masquerading as Hindus to appease Muslims.

On Kashmir NRI Affairs has been completely against revocation of Articles 370 and 35A. In their article “Greens urge Australian Government to do more to ensure human rights in Kashmir“, quote Hinduphobic Greens party Senator Jordon Steele-John who says “August 5th is a day of mourning for people of Jammu and Kashmir. The Australian Greens acknowledge that the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir are currently facing a humanitarian and human rights crisis that requires urgent international attention”. In another article on Kashmir “Indian-Americans condemn escalating human rights violations in Kashmir” forward the agenda of Jamat-e-Islami’s American front Indian American Muslim Council. They quote Syed Ali, IAMC’s President “Extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, prolonged detention, torture, internet bans, severe restrictions on freedom of movement and peaceful assembly, and other forms of persecution of Kashmir’s eight million Muslims have escalated over the last three years. The fears of the global civil rights community have come true,” an oft-repeated accusations by Pakistanis and anti-Indians.

NRI Affairs has never tweeted anything for Hindus killed in Kashmir. There are no articles on human rights violation of Hindus in Kashmir like Rahul Bhatt, Rajni Bala, Virendra Kumar nor is there any article condemning Pakistan sponsored cross-border terrorism.

Below is their social media posts.