Scroll is another left-ultra left-Islamic propagandist news website. It was created in 2014 by Samir Patil and Naresh Fernandes. Samir Patil was the founder of ACKMedia that publishes Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle comics in India. Naresh Fernandes is a senior journalist previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of Times of India and The Wall Street Journal. initially received funds from The Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation (IPSMF), Media Development Investment Fund and Omidyar Network. Interestingly, Media Development Fund received initial funding of $500,000 from Hindu hater George Soros. The company is incorporated in Delaware, United States. has partnered with the Atlantic Media launched the Indian edition of business news brand The Quartz. Atlantic Media is an American print and online media company that publishes The Atlantic another Hindu hating news website. Omidyar network also funds anti-Hindu Equality Labs and media outlet The Intercept. always mis-quotes, lies, makes up stories to show their hatred for Hinduism. Recently their reporter, Supriya Sharma deliberately mis-quoted a Dalit women while reporting a story. The said dalit women filed a case against Supriya Sharma and said “By printing that I and my family are starving and struggling for food, Scroll has mocked my caste and social status”. Ms.Sharma reported that the dalit wome, Mala from Varanasi has no food to eat because she was laid off during corona virus lockdown. SC/ST Atrocities Act has been evoked against Ms.Sharma.

Similarly, published a misleading article accusing Food Corporation of India (FCI) of allowed wastage of 3 tonnes of foodgrains as people went hungry during lockdown. FCI then issued a statement that the article was misleading with a malicious intent.

To promote how ‘humane’ the Mughals were, published a misleading article on how Akbar created a calendar that fused Hindu and Islamic dating system. The theory was quickly debunked. like other left-wing Hindu hating news portals refers to ‘terrorists’ as ‘militants’. It has also attributed through their articles that Indian Army commits human rights violations in the Kashmir region. During anti-Hindu Delhi riots, reffered to a mobs with skull caps throwing stones at police as ‘Hindu mobs’. Spreading fake news, creating and spinning news stories, fear mongering and inciting communal violence between communities, resorts to all these methods to demonise Hindus and promote Islam and Christianity.