SAHI-Students Against Hindutva Ideology is an “inter-faith, inter-University, progressive student coalition” founded and run by students in US universities. Students from Universities such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Northeastern University, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, University of Maryland, Darthmouth, Rutgers, Purdue and UCLA are some of the few who are part of SAHI. Their Advisors are known Hindu haters – Ajit Sahi, well-known journalist, Audrey Truschke – Historian, Rutgers University and Aman Wadud-Lawyer, Gauhati High Court.

It started as an open-letter to the US Congress against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. The letter was penned by Yale South Asian Society Political Chair Shreeya Singh, edited by Yale Muslim Student Association Member Ziad Ahmed, and Princeton University student Kamya Yadav. Ziad Ahmed is also CEO/Co-Founder JUV Consulting. While Shreeya Singh and Kamya Yadav are of Indian origin, Ziad Ahmad is a Bangladeshi-American. Shreeya Singh wrote an article for delusional left-propaganda magazine Teen Vogue:

Thanks to the leadership of progressive giants in the South Asian diasporic community, such as South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) and Stand With Kashmir, along with the energy of a new generation of South Asian Americans, we are building a determined diasporic solidarity network.

Shreeya Singh, Teen Vogue, February 29, 2020

They started “Holi Against Hindutva” campaign to fuel unrest and create divisions in India. “Our aim is to amplify the voices, actions, and protests of communities in India, particularly Muslim, Dalit, Adivasi, femme ones.” It’s amply clear from their website they are far-left, anti-India, anti-Hindu lobby group with sinister designs. Ziad Ahmed has experience of working with Democrat Presidential candidates and have connections with Kashmir separatist organisations like Stand with Kashmir. They have deliberately lied about India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, lied about Muslim genocide, used Hindu festivals against Hindus to defame and malign Hindus.