Amrit Wilson

Amrit Wilson is a Britain based anti-Hindu, anti-Semitic, anti-India activist. She was a Senior Lecturer in Womens studies/South Asian studies at University of Bedfordshire, previously known as Luton University. She is a known Marxist feminist. Her area of work is race and gender in Britain and South Asia politics. She often writes for the Hinduphobic, British news paper, The Guardian and Open Democracy. She is co-founder of the Hinduphobic South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG), founder member of Awaaz, The UK’s first feminist collective, active member of Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) and former Chairperson of Imkaan, UK based Black feminist organisation working for addressing violence against Black and minority women.

Amrit Wilson is also seen working with Britain based Islamist organisations that have links to Jamat-e-Islami, Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime. She often calls Hindus as fascists, Nazis, inspired by Hitler, dismisses instances of Hinduphobia, sympathises with terrorists and supports secession of Kashmir from India. In the past, Amrit Wilson and her group SASG campaigned to cancel international debt of Pakistan, extended support to the protesters protesting against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project and as supporting the release of Maoist, Binayak Sen. She made a case for introducing legislation on caste discrimination in the UK.

In September 2022, Amrit Wilson was platformed by Hinduphobic newsportal, The Wire where she blamed Hindus for the violence in Leicester all while peddling fake news that coach load of RSS supporters were brought in. This fake news was also called out by the equally Hinduphobic British newspaper, The Guardian.

The below chart maps out the links of various anti-Hindus forces and their links with Islamist organisations and people.

The Wire interiwing to Amrit Wilson on Leicester violence

In May 2022, Amrit Wilson along with Virinder Singh Kalra, held on online conference via Zoom for Institute of Palestinian Studies. The topic was “Hindutva & Zionism – The Unholy Alliance” where she drew comparisons between Israel and India and blamed Israeli embassies in India for the rise of Hindutva and attacks on ‘minorities’. She repeats the same arguments for the Hinduphobic, Jewish Voice for Labour in “The unholy alliance: Hindutva and Zionism“.

Writing for Bylines in 2021 an article titles “The New Strategies ofHindu Supremacists in Britain“The New Strategies ofHindu Supremacists in Britain“, Amrit Wilson on Hinduphobia states, “Unlike antisemitism, Islamophobia or anti-black racism, it has no historical or material basis.” According to dharmic scholar Sarah Gates, the term “Hinduphobia” was first used in 1866 by Sir Edward Sullivan. Wilson further states violence on Hindus in Bangladesh do happen but “killings and attacks on temples are not a global phenomenon.” She dismisses violence against Hindus in Pakistan, “In Pakistan, there have been attacks on Hindus but they can be seen clearly as just one element of the communal or sectarian violence directed at multiple minorities (including Muslim Shias and Ahmadiyas, Christians and others) by a majoritarian state.” She further states she is a Hindu when her twitter profile clearly mentions her as a “Marxist”.

Screen grab of Amrit Wilson’s Twitter profile and her proclaiming to be Hindu from an article

In 2020, in her article for Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) “From Nagpur to Nairobi to Neasden – tracing global Hindutva“, Amrit Wilson opined “The disturbing rise of Hindutva supremacism in India has been mirrored by a corresponding growth of extremism in the Indian diaspora, particularly in the UK where the efforts of such groups are now feeding into public policy decisions” all because Hindus were called to vote for Tories instead of Hinduphobic Labour. In the entire article she makes extreme Hinduphobic references, lies about Gujarat 2002, twists, dismisses and white-washes truth to present Hindus as aggressors.

In another article for Counterfire, India rises against Modi, Amrit Wilson calls India a “brahminical Hindu state”, calls Citizenship Amendment Act “breach of international law…providing a path for ethnic cleansing”. Further talking about farmers protest, Amrit Wilson writes “Mobilising and supporting these protests must be a priority for the movement.”

In February 2019, Amrit Wilson promoted her book Finding A Voice: Asian Women in Britain via IHRC. IHRC was flagged by counter terrorism institute, Henry Jackson Society, as having direct links to current Iranian regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. Amrit Wilson has authored plenty of articles for IHRC. IHRC was found to have links with Hamas, Hezbollah, and have supported high-profile associates of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

In 2018, Amrit Wilson while writing for the Guardian “India is a ‘republic of fear’. The UK must keep the pressure on Modi” blamed Hindutva for 2 rape cases that rocked the nation ignoring multiple rape cases of Hindu girls in the rape Jihad by Indian muslim community. In another article on gender violence “Narendra Modi as prime minister would roll back women’s rights in India” in 2014, Amrit Wilson accused Hindus of violence against Muslims and Christians, called anti-Hindu pogrom of Gujarat 2002 as “2002 pogrom against Muslims”, peddles leftist lies that countless “women and girls were raped” during Gujarat 2002 violence not ever mentioning the burning of 56 women, men and children of the Sabarmathi Express. She also dismissed “love jihad” as a trope saying there is “no factual basis”. She further says:

It claims, with no factual basis, that Muslim men seek relationships with Hindu women in order to convert them and increase the Muslim population as a result of this.

The Hindu right has mobilised Hindu women to lead some of its most violent attacks, but this is underpinned by a deeply patriarchal ideology in which women serve the nation as wives and mothers, and domestic violence is condoned. 

Narendra Modi as prime minister would roll back women's rights in India, Amrit Wilson, 4th April 2014, The Guardian

In the above article, Amrit Wilson said “raping Muslim women is part of BJP ideology” as reported by Pakistan’s Geo TV. In the same article she cast aspersions on the character of India’s great freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar, falsely quoting him “Savarkar has said that Muslim women should be raped and “it will be suicidal if they are not raped”. In an interview with Ben Norton for The Real News, Wilson says “RSS was founded back in the 1920s, ……It was a Hindu supremacist party, and it was based on essentially a Nazi ideology, although its activities where shaped around Mussolini’s black shirts.” Interesting to note here, RSS was formed in 1925, Hitler and Nazi ideology didn’t emerge until early 1930’s.

In 2018, Amrit Wilson attacked Hindus in the UK for supporting PM Modi’s re-election, calling them proponents of Hindutva “Hindutva is basically a political ideology rather than religious…….[It is] Islamophobic, it’s misogynistic, and it’s also linked to neoliberalism, to big business. This ideology has been filtered through the Hindu community for many years.”

Amrit Wilson regularly calls RSS as a “paramilitary force”, and the karsevaks as “storm-troopers”. Paramilitary forces come under India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), RSS does not work under MHA but is separate, social organisation.

They know that  this is not a display of the Prime Minister’s charming eccentricity or his lack of basic scientific knowledge but an assertion of his identity as a member of India’s Sangh Parivar – the family of right-wing organisations which include  the killer gangs of the Bajrang Dal, the khaki shorts-wearing storm troopers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the plethora of Hindu vigilante groups and, of course, the ruling parliamentary BJP itself. 

A Fine Bromance, The Corporates and The Hindu Right: On Narendra Modi’s First Six Months in Power, Ceasefire, 16th December 2014

Amrit Wilson even wen’t so far as to say “gender violence and discrimination is rooted in Hindu tradition”.

Screenshot of Amrit Wilson’s tweet

But in an article for Open Democracy on the Rotherdam child sex abuse, also famously known as Grooming Gang case, “Rotherham: the silencing of Muslim voices“, Amrit Wilson said the actions of a tiny minority should not be blamed on the whole community as it increases ‘Islamophobia’. The accused of the Grooming gangs are largely Pakistani which the media due to fear of being labeled racist and Islamophobic termed them “Asian Grooming gangs”.

Islamophobia escalates to an unprecedented level with Boris Johnson's comments emboldening the far right and racists and poisonous tropes of Muslims as terrorists and sexual predators sweep the country, it becomes particularly important to do so.

Rotherham: the silencing of Muslim voices, Amrit Wilson, 23rd August 2018, Open Democracy

In 2017, Amrit Wilson participated in Islamophobia conference organised by IHRC. She spoke on The Rise of Nativism in India. Here she says Muslims in India are native and have been in India for “thousands and thousands of years as long as any other community”. FYI, Islam is only 1400 yrs old. She further goes to say falsehoods about RSS linking them to Benito Mussolini’s Black shirts, how India was sold to corporates in 1991 opening of Indian economy, Babri masjid destruction, and how BJP was shaped on these issues. The other falsehood she spouts that Hindus and Muslims lived in unity until the 1992 Babri masjid destruction. She completely glosses over and white-washes the genocide of Hindus at the hands of Islamic invaders right from 17 times destruction on Somanth temple to Tipu Sultan’s genocide of Manadayam Iyengars on Deepavali day. She then goes on to 2002 without mentioning the burning of 56 karsevaks in a conspiracy hatched in Aman Guest House. She then links Hindutva to Zionism.

Writing on Kashmir for The Guardian, When will the Kashmiri nightmare end?, Amrit Wilson makes a list of accusation agains the Indian Amrny offering no evidence for the claims made. She calls terrorsim in Kashmir as “popular uprisings and an armed struggle for a separate state”. She further writes,

Horrific violence has been faced by the women, with rape used as a "weapon of war to punish, intimidate, coerce, humiliate and degrade". 

In Kashmir, killings of children are commonplace. As reports in local papers show, the reason for these murders is often nothing more than the sadism of the army and paramilitaries.

When will the Kashmiri nightmare end?, Amrit Wilson, The Guardian, 3rd July 2014

In 2015, She along with her group SASG, Dalit Solidarity Network, South Asian Women’s Creative Collective, and Freedom Without Fear Platform organised “Reclaim Diwali” in ‘secular celebration shared cultures, blurred boundaries, daring to dream and organising against oppression’. They asked people to light diyas to ‘burn the demons of Hindtuva fascism, religious hatred, patriarchy, caste, corporate looting, racism, imperialism, environmental destruction and homophobia’.

In 2007, Amrit Wilson along with British Labour MP John McDonnell, Adnan Siddiqui of CAGE, and Fahad Ansari of IHRC wrote a letter in support of Indian Parliament attack mastermind and terrorists Afzal Guru. The letter states that Indian investigative agencies ‘fabricated’ and ‘forged’ documents to frame Guru and that the names of attackers were still not known. In 2016 article in, the author mentions the attackers names as Hamza, Haider alias Tufail, Rana, Mohammed and Raja. The terrorists belong to Pakistan based Jaish e Mohammed and Lakshar e Tayyba under direct supervision of Pakistan’s ISI. Amrit Wilson even wrote an article recounting her fond memories of meeting Afzal Guru in Jammu and Kashmir Law and Public Police (JKLPP) website.

Below are some of Amrit Wilson’s social media posts.