Khaled Beydoun

Khaled Beydoun is an Open Society Foundation Award winner in 2018. A known Hidnu hater, is also an “Islamophobia” propagandist. He claims to be a professor of Law at University of Arkansas Fayetterville School of Law. Perviously Khaled was a faculty member of University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Detroit Michigan, University of Berkeley, Berkeley, California, Barry University School of Law, Orlando, FLorida and UCLA School of Law. In his website he calls himself ‘Leading thinker on National Security, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law’. He has delivered several lectures at various Universities and Muslims groups. In 2018, Khaled released a book ” American Islamophobia”.

He had claimed to be a “victim” of Islamphobic attack by a Delta Airlines captain. Also, in the aftermath of Christchurch shooting in 2019, Khaled had insensitively advertised a trip to New Zealand. He is a regular contributor in Al-Jazzera English, New York Post, Washington Post, BBC, The Guardian. Khaled has regularly called India’s Prime Minister “Modi is India’s greatest virus”, he often spreads hate against Hindus and spreads fake news on how Muslims in India are being made stateless. Khaled has also equated RSS with ISIS and calls has called RSS as a terror organistation. Khaled creates rift between Hindus and Sikhs by equating 1984 Sikh violence with Islamophobia.

In 2019, Khaled was named in The Muslim 500 – The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims. He is was planning to visit India in early 2020 to promote his book but didn’t materialise due to COVID-19.