Pieter Friedrich

Pieter James Friedrich is a pro-Khalistani and Abrahamic supremacist who hates Hindus and followers of Indic faiths. He is a self proclaimed ‘South Asia’ expert and ‘independent journalist’. He is backed by Khalistanis’, Bhajan Singh Binder, founder of Organisation for Minorities of India (OMFI). Pieter changed his name to Pieter Singh to fit into the Khalistani ideology. It’s important to know, Bhajan Singh Binder was also subject of an undercover United States Customs Service Investigation for trying to purchase  plastic explosives, M-16s, AK-47s, grenade and rocket launchers, and Stinger missiles in support of the separatist, violent, Khalistan movement seeking to have Punjab secede from India. Bhinder waas also reportedly a spokesperson for Sikh Youth of America, a Khalistani that glorifies Sikh terrorists and has alleged ties with the International Sikh Youth Federation, a US Department of State designated terrorist organisation under E.O. 13224. OMFI was one of the organisation that launched an attack on second World Hindu Congress, Congresswomen Tulsi Gbbard and Congressmen Raja Krishnamoorthy.

Pieter is also author of three books : Bharat Bandh and the Dalit Struggle Against Dehumanization, Gandhi: Racist or Revlutionary?, Saffron Fascists: India’s Hindu Nationalist Rulers, and co-authored two books with Bhajan Singh, Captivating the Simple Hearted: A Struggle for Human Dignity in the Indian sub-continent and Kite Fights: The Proxy War behind Kabul Gurudwara massacre.

Pieter Friedrich who in the guise of advocating human rights spreads disinformation against Indian interest on global stage. Based in California, United States, Friedrich is a self-styled ‘South Asian Affairs analyst’ has no credential – academic or work, to prove this status. He is part of cabal from various countries working in tandem to attack India’s multicultural, multi-religious social set up. These group people who claim to be ‘intellectuals’ miss out on no opportunity to tarnish the image India at global stage. He is a paid propagandist of OMFI, and currently, Ubaid Shaik and Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in America (CAPI), and more recently as shady organisation called Collective Against Violence and Abuse of Civil and Human Rights in India (CAVACH).

Further details of Pieter Friedrich have emerged. After the #Toolkit surfaced, Friedrich is said to have been in the radar of security agencies in India. Op India reported that Friedrich has ISI-Khalistani links. Disinfo Lab also have out out a detailed tweet which show Friedrich’s Khalistani – Christian fundamentalist links.

Blogger Dharma Vijay in his blog Pakistan ISI, Khalistan And Dravidistan has unearthed Pieter Friedrich’s links with Tamil Nadu’s DMK (Dravidar Munetra Kazhagam). In 2019, DMK’s parent organisation DK (Dravidar Kazhagam)’s Veeramani visited the US for the 141st birthday anniversary of E.V. Ramasamy Naicker (Periyar). He was hosted by Pieter Friedrich and his ISI buddy Bhajan Singh Binder.

DMK’s Veeramani (2nd from left) with Bhajan Singh Binder ( 3rd from left)

Pieter on record has accepted “I’m a Christian, foremost. but ultimately, I believe in constitutional republican Christian theocracy……….”. In his previous website which is not available any longer, Pieter has explicitly mentioned he is a “Christian born to Christian parents, accepted Christian Bible, had Christian friends and home schooled with Christian curriculum”. According to his previous blogs, he tried to get into the US Airforce. However, he said “My contract was canceled, against my will, by the Air Force.”. According to Pieter, he has also finished an “Emergency Medical Technician course”. In a piece titled The curious case of the resurgence of Khalisthani groups and their ally Evangelical theocrat Pieter Friedrich the author KarnaBro has outlined the link between the resurgence of Khailistani movement and their links to Christian theocrat Pieter Friedrich. He wants United States to be ‘Constitutional Republican Christian Theocracy’. Click on the pictures to read more about Pieter from his previous blogs.

Though he claims not to hold extremist Christian values anymore, on the 12th of September 2020, he tweeted pictures of his hands in relation to an incident in Haryana, India. Truth was, the man who lost his hand had molested a minor Hindu girl and got struck by a train while fleeing after getting caught. The pictures clearly shows tattoos of a Christian cross on Pieter’s right hand and an Islamic “nuun’ on his right hand. Ironically, ‘nuun’ symbol was used by ISIS to mark the homes of non-believers in Mosul, Iraq in order to mark them. Click on pictures to view in detail.

While suggesting a parallel between Indian cultural organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and fascism, Pieter has constantly linked RSS with Nazis, facists, Hindu nationalists and lies about their links with facist Europe, accuse RSS of terrorism and genocide, links publishing of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf with founding of RSS in 1925. According to Pieter said RSS propagates ethnic superiority (of Hindus) in India. While a section of Indian as well as foreign media continuously try to link the RSS with ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), such comments exclusively point to the intention presenting the Indian government as fascist and instigate instability in India as the country has been witnessing large scale violence following protests. He was the originator of the term ‘RSS Princess’ narrative about Tulsi Gabbard. Other than Tulsi Gabbard he continues to attack Sri Kulkarni, Raja Krishnamoorthy, Padma Kuppa, Nisha Sharma, Niraj Antani, Rishi Kumar, Manga Anantatmula and Ritesh Tandon.

Pieter’s hatred towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be gauged from this line, “Indeed, unless it’s something positive, then talking about Indian Prime Minister Modi can get people into real hot water. Last year in India, for instance, a high school teacher was arrested for writing on Facebook that voting for Modi is like “garlanding a dog.” He keeps propagating the narrative “Modi has blood on his hands” with flagrant disregard for rules of law despite Indian Supreme Court clearing Modi in all cases of Gujarat riots against him. In a speech delivered to Houston City Council against the Council’s participation in the Howdy Modi event, Pieter lies about RSS’s links with White supremacist in Western nations.

He lies about the links between Andres Breivik, New Zealand Christchurch mosque shooter being inspired by RSS.

Source: Pieter Friedrich twitter https://twitter.com/FriedrichPieter/status/1209522578303270912

Pieter lies with impunity on India’s history, and pluralism. Niraj Choudhary in his blog Why Credentials Matter: How Factual Are Pieter Friedrich’s Claims? has analysed and calls out Pieter’s lies, propaganda and narrative. In his bid to present India as an intolerant country he had made misleading comments. He had told the press “Today, under Modi’s iron-fisted regime, Christians, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs, and every Hindu who disagrees with the hate, violence, and supremacy of the RSS, lives in fear of their lives.” He has called RSS as India’s KKK, ISIS, facist, Nazi inspired, and Hindu terrorists. Terrence McNulty in his blog “Debunking Pieter Friedrich’s Tulsi Narrative” has debunked Pieter’s Hindu terrorism conspiracy theories. In the blog Terrance opines ” Friedrich bores us with a history of India’s RSS and tries to build a case for Hindu terrorism: “Months later, in 2002, the anti-Muslim pogrom broke out across the state in the wake of the Godhra train fire.” This is how Friedrich describes the Godhra train murders in which Hindu passengers were burned alive. From reading Friedrich, you might think that only people who practice Hinduism become violent.”

Pieter Friedrich’s speech against World Hindu Congress 2018 Chicago for OMFI

Source: OMFI’s You Tube channel

While PM Modi has been trying to shift Indo-US relations newer heights by connecting with the Indian diaspora, Friedrich has even wrongly presented the event “Howdy Modi” on 22 September 2019 to the US Congressional elections by linking the organisers of the mega event with donors to Preston Kulkarni, a candidate from Houston region. He also had labelled baseless accusation against PM Modi in a city council and even called the Americans “complicit in Modi’s crimes against humanity”. Even in his social media posts, he does not refrain from making incendiary remarks about Hindus and project the Hindus as some sort of supremacist community. During anti-CAA protest, Pieter keep repeating the oft-repeated lie about Modi and RSS “Butcher of Gujarat“, “Modi has blood on his hands”, “Nazism, facism”, etc.

Hindutva is fascism

Source: Pieter Friedrich’s You Tube Channel

Never has he raised the voice against violence perpetrated by Pakistan on her minorities or against violence faced by Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir. Never has he spoken truth that prior to Gujarat riots in 2002 a train carriage consisting 56 men, women and children returning from Ayodhya, were brutally burned alive by Islamists.

Pieter is also a regular contributor to Left and Islamist leaning news portal and propaganda machinery like The Wire, The Quint, Youth Ki Awaaz, Areo Magazine, The Eastern Herald, The Caravan, Two Circles, The Polis Project, Sikh Siyasat News and The Kochi Post. In a post Why I Hate Democracy dated 26th August 2003, Pieter has written in great detail why he hates democracy. The first line of the post starts with “You have no right to use the state’s power of the sword to force me to pay for the education of your children.”. He goes on to write “Maybe it’s time to pause and ponder the proper role of government. Just because the state taxes me to pay for a Coast Guard that patrols a river I don’t use doesn’t mean they should. If I want a Coast Guard to patrol a river near me, or a river I use, I will gladly pay for it. But the state has no right to decide that I need, or want, a Coast Guard, and to then tax me and all my neighbors to pay for that Coast Guard.” Pieter sums up by saying “Democracy doesn’t work. In fact, democracy encourages laziness.” The delusional rant ends with “Democracy is dangerous. That’s why I hate it.”

Pieter’s hypocrisy is exposed in an image compare. The excerpts of both articles are written by him. The first one is titled BJP’s Citizenship Bill Mirrors Nuremberg’s Laws that appeared in SikhSiyasatnews.net and excerpt from the second image is from his Medium article titled Debunking Lies About Pieter Friedrich.

In an article titles “WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORISM & ITS SAFFRON INSPIRATIONS“, Pieter tries very hard to link Andres Breivik, (Of Norway massacre fame) and Brenton Tarrant (New Zealand mosque attack) to be inspired by RSS and its ideologies. The article fails to provide any concrete evidence and is completely based on personal opinion and conjectures. While writing for Communist run anti-India, anti-Hindu propaganda machinery, The Polis Project founded by Communist Suchitra Vijayan, Pieter in his article “Ayodhya: A Symbol of Rule of Lawlessness“, Pieter forcefully drags in VHP (Viswa Hindu Parishad) in 1984 Sikh massacre. In the entire article Pieter gives a one-sided view of the riots and social unrest, while wilfully ignoring the wrongdoings of Islamists in India. There is no mention of 1990 Kashmiri Hindu genocide, no mention of various bomblasts killing scores of people, no mention of 56 Hindus burnt alive in Godhra while returning from Ayodhya, no mention of Indian Archeology department’s findings of remnants of a Hindu temple below the Babri mosque, no mention of Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks in India. Instead he goes to give a link to Balmurali Natrajan’s Prof Balmurli Natrajan on  the political and cultural history of Hindutva, it’s a relationship to fascism, how caste and violence are deployed by Hindutva “. Balmurali Natrajan is a member of FOIL (Forum of Inquilabi Leftists). Pieter quotes Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) take on Aydohya issue, but one must know HRW is a known for it’s anti-semitism.

While Pieter ‘promotes’ himself as an analyst of South Asian affairs and an activist, it’s interesting to note he has never raised his voice against atrocities on minorities in Pakistan or Kashmiri Hindus who are living like refuges in their own country. Writing forpro-Khalistani Sikh Siyasat news portal, Pieter drew direct comparisons between Citizenship Amendment Act and Nazi’s Nuremberg laws.

CAB and NRC combined provide a legal route for the BJP to begin cleansing the land of Muslims  - and, ultimately, of all non-Hindus. That's the goal of the BJP - and the Nazi-inspired RSS paramilitary that controls it. Calling the RSS "Nazi-insipred" is not euphemism........One of the final nails in the coffin of Indian secularism will be national anti-conversion law - a law requiring people to receive government permission to change their religion, thus criminalizing freedom of religion.

Pieter Friedrich, BJP's Citizenship Mirrors Nuremberg Laws, Sikhsiyasat.net, 18 December 2019

In his first article on Kashmir immediately after Pulwama attacks “Pulwama: A Present Moment in the Longer Kashmir Story“, Pieter goes to blame the Indian state for terrorism in Kashmir. He doesn’t blame Pakistan or even terror outfits like Lakshar or Hizbul, but blames RSS and Maharaja Hari Singh for the imaginary “massacre” of Muslims in 1947. Failing to acknowledge 19th January 1990 as the day Hindus were brutally thrown out of the state, Pieter twists the facts to suit his narrative. He says,

On January 19, 1990, New Delhi again imposed President’s Rule. Protests increased, and on the 21st, CRPF troops cut off protesters at Gawkadal Bridge in Srinigar, the region’s largest city. Opening fire, the troops gunned down at least 50 civilians – some say over 100....Indian security forces massacred people, disappeared, tortured, raped, killed in custody, looted, destroyed houses, burned religious structures, desecrated religious books, and generally waged total war.