Rana Ayyub

Liar, journalist, Islamic propagandist, is what Rana Ayyub is known for. But above all she is a known Hindu hater. She is a global opinions writer for Washington Post, The New Yorker, Time, New York Times, The Guardian, and Foreign Policy. She was working for Tehelka when its owner-founder, Tarun Tejpal was accused of sexual harassment. She has many times accused RSS of terrorism against muslims without evidence, she has lied to international media about human rights violations by Indian Army in Kashmir, lied about India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill by deliberately misleading readers on it’s salient points, accused Hindus of ‘mob lynching’ muslims, for causing ‘genocide’ of Muslims during Delhi riots 2020, Islamophobia, opening detention camps for muslims, lied about Hindu leaders collaborating with Western fascists leaders during Indian independence, and countless others. She has white-washed the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists on Hindus in Kashmir, called for release of jailed activists for inciting mobs that lead to Delhi riots 2020.

Rana came into prominence post-2002 Gujarat riots. Her book ‘Gujarat Files-Anatomy of a Cover-up’ was slammed by India’s Supreme Court as ‘inadmissible’ in court and termed it “The book is of no utility. It is based upon surmises, conjectures and suppositions and has no evidentiary value. The opinion of a person is not in the realm of the evidence.” She lied to CNN when she was invited to talk on Delhi Riots 2020, were Rana termed it as ‘anti-Muslim carnage‘ committed by Hindus. She has never acknowledged the deaths of Hindus in Delhi riots. Rana has not spoken out against the gross mistreatment oh Hindus, Sikhs and Christian girls abducted in Pakistan on a daily basis. Rana wants to maintain the special status Kashmir enjoyed since independence in the form of Article 370. She has supported separatists of Kashmir and believes Kashmiri youths are radicalisation is a ‘myth’.