16th July 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

UP: Hindu Man Mocked And Beaten Up For Wearing Tilak And Saffron Stole (Source: Swarajya)

Indian Comedians make Hinduphobic jokes (Source: Free Press Journal)

अनस कुरैशी ने शिव मंदिर के उपाध्यक्ष को पीट-पीट कर मार डाला… क्योंकि उन्होंने भगवा पहना था (Source: OpIndia)

Bhopal: Child porn & sex toys found in Pyare Mian’s apar (Source: Times of India)

Peta billboard in Ahmedabad urges people to protect cows and go leather-free on Raksha bandhan; Netizens ask are Rakhis ever made of leather? (Source: Desh Gujarat)

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