19th July 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

Salman Used To Play Cricket With Rahul’s Brother. In Delhi Riots, He Was Part Of The Group That Killed Rahul (Source: Swarajya)

Arrested Pune youths were in touch with city-based IS sympathiser (Source: The Hindu)

Maharashtra class 8 textbook replaces freedom fighter Sukhdev with kurban hussain (Source: OpIndia)

Bangladesh Police arrests Indian citizen in Dhaka for recruiting neo JMB cadres (Source: Zee News)

From breaking Murthis to Ravana Leela: Periyar’s long history of hatred towards Shri Rama and Sita (Source: OpIndia)

The Psychological Damage Periyar’s Pseudo-Rationalism Did To Tamil Nadu (Source: Swarajya)

Another attempt to loot Hindu temples wealth in Tamil Nadu, was it directed by the Church? (Source: Organiser)

Ancient Buddha statue discovered in Pak, destroyed by construction workers for being ‘unIslamic’ (Source: India Today)

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