11th August 2020

Periyar’s anti-Hindi stance busted

Lawyer’ Mehmood Pracha, the cover-page boy of pro-ISIS magazine, wants to start anti-CAA-NRC protests from August 15


Aakar Patel wants separate electorates for Muslims, supports “two-nation theory”!

The Myth Regarding Emperor Ashoka – An Attempt To Malign Hinduism?

Chhattisgarh: Masarsa teacher arrested for raping a 9 year old girl in Raipur

Bhuj magistrate denies permission for use of loudspeaker at Shiv Mandir for Shravan as they ‘increase transmission of coronavirus’

10% of Punjab is now Christian! Why are people converting and what can be done?

A temple cut to half because it hurt Aurangzeb’s ego

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