19th August 2020

ISI plot to target leaders of Hindu organisations revealed by Indian Intelligence Agencies

WSJ runs paid promotion of article linking Facebook and BJP based on unknown sources: Here are the details

Mewat: Bajrang Dal activists rescue Raju, a minor boy from WB who was held hostage and tortured for the last five years by one Hassan Khan

Casteism and Government Schools: Behind the veils of the Dravidian Delusion

Turbulent minority: Why the Bengaluru riots are a countdown to civil war

Jammu & Kashmir: Protestors block Kashmir highway, Chenab Valley shut down over ‘blasphemous’ remark on Prophet Muhammad

‘I hope you cooperate with us,’ Subramanian Swamy calls on Muslims to help restore the Kashi Vishwanath temple

Posters put up across Aligarh threatening to kill Muslim woman BJP leader and family for worshipping Ram Lalla

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