21st August 2020

Destruction of temples, Hindu houses, and killings of Hindus before and after the demolition of illegal structure on Ram Janmabhoomi

Hindutva As Hinduism’s Survival Guide, An Antidote To Abrahamic Imperialism

How Dravidian ideologues used ‘opposition to Hindi’ to build their ‘protector of Tamil culture’ image and retain power

Saivite Sadhu commits suicide after getting beaten and humiliated by SI Anthony Michael

Bombay HC accepts PIL challenging transfer of funds from Siddhivinayak Temple Trust to Maharashtra government

Delhi University professor Hany Babu’s network connects with Rona Wilson, Maoists up to Manipur are in touch with him

‘Will hold Muharram events despite coronavirus, arrest if you can’: Shia cleric Kalbe Jawad dares Lucknow authorities

Rev. John Patrick Bridge: child abuser Christian missionary from Odisha’s Jharsuguda received crores from New Zealand, Germany and USA

Kanpur: ‘Because of girls like you people are encouraged to interfere with Muslim laws’, police officer advises triple talaq victim to follow Sharia law

Bangladesh: Islamist mob attacks lone Hindu Youth, chops off hand for wearing Kalawa

Samajwadi Party leader Lautan ‘Ram’ Nishad says Lord Ram never existed, he is a fictional character like in movies

Andhra’s “Dalit” Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharita is a Christian

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