7th September 2020

Daily summary of anti-Hindu news from India and around the world.

Turkey discovered to be supporting Islamic State jihad terror network in India

Did Kafeel Khan compare Pakistani Hindu refugees to thieves?

प्रयागराज: बर्थडे पार्टी में शराब पिलाकर युवती से गैंगरेप, सुफियान समेत चारों आरोपी फरार

Roots and anchors: Rearming Hindu Parenting centred on Hindu Dharma values

Activist points out over 25 incidents of fake news spread by AltNews co-founder Zubair, who was hailed as ‘fact-checker’ after being booked under POCSO

Neo-Atheists, Atheists, militant Atheism and everything in between: Caged by Abrahamic Monotheism

‘Take up IAS, IPS jobs only if you can stand for Islam, protect Muslims’: Radical preacher Zakir Naik

Raja Bhoj: The Real Bahubali Who Killed Mahmud Ghazni And Avenged The Desecration Of Somnath Temple Part 1

The Butterfly Effect: How riots in Sweden led to ex-Muslim atheists engaging in a bitter online brawl with Hindus and how their masks fell off

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