12th September 2020

Daily summary of anti-Hindu news from India and around the world.

Embarrassment for Shiv Sena as Bombay HC says it has no right to ask Cable operators to ban Republic TV: Here are the details

Islamic terror group Al-Qaeda threatens Charlie Hebdo with a ‘2015 like massacre’ for deciding to republish Prophet Mohammad cartoons

‘Will be denied heaven if he worships other gods’: Islamic preacher Mujahid Balussery calls for turning Kerala into Islamic Caliphate in 10 years

Varanasi: Tired of being forced by husband Aftab and his family to adopt Islam, aspiring model Pooja commits suicide, locals call it a case of Love Jihad

Erdogan pursuing Islamist agenda against India

‘हर मुस्लिम शुक्रवार को मुजाहिद मस्जिद में आए, 10 साल में केरल बन जाएगा इस्लामी स्टेट’: Video

Kashmir no longer an Apartheid Warzone – Thanks to Indian Government

आगरा में लव जिहाद: इकरार और बादल खान ने हिंदू नाम रखकर नाबालिग लड़कियों को फँसाया, इस्लाम कबूल करवाकर किया निकाह

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