20th September 2020

Daily summary of anti-Hindu news from India and around the world.

10 साल से इस्लाम को पढ़-समझ… मर्जी से कबूल किया यह मजहब: ड्रग्स मामले में जेल में बंद अभिनेत्री संजना

Oxfam India CEO Opposes Amit Shah Led FCRA Amendment, Calls It ‘Devastating Blow’

We Have China Lovers In Media And Anti National NGOs That Want To Divide India : Justice Kirubakaran, Madras HC

Jharkhand tribal representatives demand withdrawal of benefits of Christian converts

BIG BREAKING: In Delhi Riots Case, Police Allege Umar Not Cooperating; Court Prevents Him To Meet Family

Did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Really get India her Freedom?

विसर्जन के दौरान मोहम्मद निराला, दानिश और सरफराज ने किया बाँस से हमला: भगवान विश्वकर्मा की मूर्ति हुई खंडित, कई घायल

Former BJP MP proposes ‘grand’ Rajaraja Cholan statue in Delhi

Sudarshan News refers to programs on ‘Hindu Terror’ and ‘saffron terror’ by NDTV in its affidavit on ‘UPSC Jihad’ submitted at Supreme Court

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