29th September 2020

Daily updates 29th September 2020

डेनमार्क की PM के नाम से The Hindu ने भारत में कोरोना की स्थिति को बताया ‘बहुत गंभीर’, राजदूत ने कहा- फेक न्यूज़

Hindu man beaten up by Christian wife and son for not converting in Tamil Nadu’s Erode

Christian Missionaries Hijacked and Denationalised India’s Education System

‘उसे अल्लाह ने चुना था’: शार्ली एब्दो के पूर्व कार्यालय के बाहर हमला करने वाले आतंकी को PAK ने बनाया हीरो, जताई खुशी

India: Muslim mob stones and ransacks Hindu home, attacks Hindu family over Facebook post

Pakistan’s Prime Minister at UN: “This Assembly should declare an ‘International Day to Combat Islamophobia’”

India: Muslims behead Hindu woman after she refuses to convert to Islam

New Zealand Prime Minister vows to criminalize criticism of Islam if reelected

Court issues notice to TN government for occupying temple properties

Amnesty International Shuts Down India Operations: Here’s Why We Should Celebrate

KRISHNA TEMPLE MOVEMENT BEGINS — Kanhaiya To Regain His Property

‘Idgah mosque built over Lord Krishna’s birthplace should not be removed’: Congress leader condemns Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi liberation petition

Amnesty International, which had links to British govt and Islamist orgs shuts shop in India after it says the govt froze all its accounts: Details

Congress showcased Bhagat Singh as a terrorist’ from the past

2,50,000 से घट कर अब बस 700… अफगानिस्तान से सिखों और हिंदुओं का पलायन हुआ तेज

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