7th October 2020

Daily updates for 7th October 2020

लव जिहाद: कानपुर में टीचर इमरान अंसारी अपनी Students को करता है Msg, मामला उजागर होने से हड़कंप

Mention Of ‘Upper Caste Men’ In Hathras, But Only ‘Men’ In Balrampur: That’s CNN, NYTimes, BBC And Bloomsberg For You

मी लॉर्ड! शाहीन बाग पर आपके फैसले की बत्ती बना कर बीरबल जैसे देखते रहने के अलावा क्या विकल्प है?

Aaj Tak reporter who had screamed near Hathras SDM’s face without a mask tests positive for coronavirus

UK: After Protest By Hindu Groups, Publisher Withdraws British Schoolbook Linking Hinduism With Terrorism

Rahul Gandhi’s close aide in Hathras reveals Congress’ sinister plot to instigate caste-based riots

Brutal Death Threat, Twitter Followers Removed And ID Theft – What Is Happening To True Indology ?

Hathras: Yogi’s UP Govt to Probe & File FIR On Rahul Aide Shyoraj Jivan For Riot Admission

Congress Role revealed in Hathras Case,Republic Media Exposes the Conspiracy of Rahul Gandhi

Assam To Become A Muslim Majority State By 2040 Says Demographer D.C. Nath

Yogi government takes comprehensive measures to foil the attempts to incite caste-based riots over Hathras incident. Read the details here

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