16th October 2020

Daily updates for 16th October 2020

Mansi Dixit’s killing is a grim reminder of the dark times we live in

पेरिस: पैगंबर मोहम्मद का कार्टून बच्चों को दिखाया, पैरंट ने टीचर का सिर काटा, खुद बना पुलिस की गोली का शिकार

After Tanishq Love Jihad ad, Tata Cliq releases ad denigrating Hinduism, calls Yoga ‘boring’ while promoting Christian e-marriages

Sita, Radha And Laxmi In Bollywood

War On The Hindu Family System

सरकारी मदद से चलने वाले मदरसे – असम सरकार को बंद करने का अधिकार है – संविधान के अनुच्छेद 30 से पैदा हुआ “अल्पसंख्यकवाद का कोढ़”

Casteism : Holding On Or Fighting Against It

Kashmiri Muslim woman called ‘terrorist’ by her landlady in Delhi? Read the full story that tells you exactly what happened

Congress fields ‘Jinnah supporter’ and former AMUSU president Maskoor Usmani in upcoming Bihar elections

4th notice served to Arnab Goswami by Maharashtra Assembly, asks him to appear within 10 minutes: Read details

Bihar: Congress Fields Brajesh Kumar Pandey, Brother Of NDTV Anchor Ravish, Who Faced Charges Of Raping A Minor Dalit Girl

दिल्ली: दलित राहुल के परिवार से मिले BJP नेता तेजिंदर बग्गा और कपिल मिश्रा, राहुल की बहन की पूरी पढ़ाई और पिता की टैक्सी का सारा खर्च उठाएंगे

Turkish channel blurs Radha Krishna murtis while telecasting a dubbed version of Hindi serial

The curious case of TRP scam: How did the witness go from naming India Today to naming Republic TV? Here is what happened

Republic TV pays NDTV anchor Sanket ₹500 to watch Republic, claims report, top officials claim it was tutorial on how to run a successful news channel

Why Sri Lankan Veteran Cricketer Muralitharan’s Yet-To-Be-Made Biopic Has Become Controversial

शिया वक़्फ़ बोर्ड के वसीम रिज़वी की मांग..मदरसे पूरी तरह बंद होने चाहिए, मदरसों में लगा है आतंकियों का पैसा!

Here is how Congress government in Rajasthan is allocating funds for Madarsa development while its leader is opposing Kumbh Mela

घाटी में आतंकियों के खिलाफ कार्रवाई जारी, बडगाम एनकाउंटर में 1 आतंकी ढेर

Bengaluru violence over FB post: Congress leader used groups of Muslims angry over CAA, Ram Mandir to instigate violence, plans were hatched in May

Arnab Goswami sent another notice by Maharashtra Assembly to explain ‘derogatory comments’ against Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar: Details

‘Neutral’ journalist Ravish Kumar’s brother becomes Congress candidate in Bihar elections, was accused of sexually exploiting a Dalit woman

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