21st October 2020

Daily updates for 21st October 2020

Cemetery demolish incident: Indu Makkal Katchi question actions of Tirunelveli Collector and TN political parties

Mayor calls for silent Diwali in Goa this year

Muslim Youth Killed By Members Of His Own Community In Jharkhand For Preventing Cow Slaughter

Hyderabad: Another SC Woman Killed By Muslim Boyfriend; Butcher’s Knife Used For Slitting Throat

Let Kamlesh Tiwari’s death not go waste, can we do one of these two things?

वामपंथन कविता कृष्णन ने ‘लव जिहाद’ से जताई अनभिज्ञता, कहा- मुझे एक भी केस नहीं मिले, ये लीजिए पढ़िए हाल के 10 से अधिक मामले

Beheading French teacher for insulting the Prophet is ‘not a serious crime’: World Islamic scholars’ body

खून पर खून और खून के बदले खून: बिहार में जातीय नरसंहार के बूते लालू ने कुछ यूँ खड़ी की थी ‘सामाजिक न्याय’ की इमारत

Death of Noted Criminal in Luxury Apartment in Kolkata points the finger at TMC Leadership

‘If You Become Investigator, Prosecutor & Judge, Why Are We Here?’ Bombay HC Expresses Concerns Over Media Trial

कपटी वामपंथियो, इस्लामी कट्टरपंथियो! हिन्दू त्योहार तुम्हारी कैम्पेनिंग का खलिहान नहीं है! बता रहे हैं, सुधर जाओ!

शाहीन बाग को सही बताने वाली दीपिका राजावत खुद के घर के सामने भीड़ आयी तो पुलिस बुलाकर रास्ता खाली करवाने के लिए रोने लगी

Paris: Two Muslim women stabbed under Eiffel Tower by white women shouting “dirty Arabs”

नक्सलवाद कोरोना ही है, राजद-कॉन्ग्रेस नया कोरोना आपके बीच छोड़ना चाहते हैं: योगी आदित्यनाथ

Remember Sheena Bora case? Param Bir Singh was the IG of Konkan range, the site where her body was dumped

Republic TV gets a big relief in the TRP scam case, plea to restrain the channel from airing the Hansa Research report rejected by Mumbai court

Bollywood Must Immediately Ban The Usage Of ‘Kaafir’ And Make Amends For Past Wrongs

India returns captured Chinese soldier to PLA, disengagement talks to continue: Reports

‘If You Become Investigator, Prosecutor & Judge, Why Are We Here?’ Bombay HC Expresses Concerns Over Media Trial

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