30th October 2020

Daily updates for 30th October 2020

What Macron saw today was said by Savarkar decades back

Was Shastri Murdered?

France wakes up to the menace of ‘Islamo-leftism’, an alliance between leftists and Islamists that has been attacking India for decades

Nikita’s murderer Tauseef says he was inspired by Amazon Prime’s ‘Mirzapur’

Watch: Video emerges showing Sameet Thakkar being led by men with a rope, his face covered in black cloth while bringing to court

PM Modi condemns beheading in France, but where is the condemnation on Nikita, Anurag, Kamlesh and Palghar sadhu murders?

Watch: Three Muslims roam around dressing up like Hindu Sadhus, reveal true identity when threatened

Sweeter Than Jihadi, Higher Than Installments, Deeper Than Deep-State, All-Weather Loans- CPEC, A Corridor To Nowhere

इलाहाबाद हाई कोर्ट का बड़ा फैसला, सिर्फ शादी करने के लिए धर्म परिवर्तन मान्य नहीं

Congress leader and Bengaluru Riots main accused Sampath Raj flees from hospital, police issue notice to the hospital

Senior defence analyst slams Hindustan Times for carrying Chinese propaganda ‘paid news’

French Churches mourn victims of Islamic terror attack while their Indian counterparts had opposed providing relief to victims of Islamic persecution

Family satisfied with govt’s action, fast track court would be established: Haryana CM on Nikita Tomar case

Alleged Mastermind of Delhi Riots where mobs killed amidst Allahu Akbar chants, condemns France beheadings saying ‘murder and Allahu Akbar’ do not go together

Rickshaw driver Hujur Shaikh arrested for attempting to kidnap two minor sisters

भोपाल में मुसलमानों की रैली पर बोले बाबा रामदेव- बार-बार एक ही संप्रदाय के लोग आग क्यों लगाने लगते हैं?

AIMPLB asks Muslims to boycott French products days after President Emmanuel Macron vowed to fight radical Islamic terror

AMU students, who wanted to dig ‘Hindutva ki kabar’, now protest against French President for standing up to Jihad after ‘blasphemy’ beheadings

Subramanian Swamy Responds As Pakistan Admits Pulwama Attack; Slams Sonia & Rahul Gandhi

फ़रीदाबाद केसः मृतका के पिता का छलका दर्द, कहा- ‘हमें 2018 की FIR वापस नहीं लेनी चाहिए थी’

Congress MLA organises protest of thousands of Muslims against French President and his ‘Islamophobia’ after his citizens were beheaded for ‘blasphemy’

To the people of India: Truth will triumph

Bhopal Congress MLA Arif Masood, who organised anti-France protest, says he would have crushed President Macron’s face for blasphemy

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