13th November 2020

Daily updates for 13th November 2020

Karnataka: Abdul Razak changes his name to Sanju, wears Tilak and goes to Dharmasthala to trap Hindu girl

Jharkhand: Dalit girl gravely injured after attacked by one Hajrat Khan with a sharp weapon for refusing to marry him

Bulandshahr: Action taken against head constable for insensitive behaviour with children of traders arrested for selling firecrackers

Maharashtra: ‘Unidentified’ miscreants looked for head Sadhu of Ashram specifically, brutally assaulted and stabbed him before fleeing

Taiwan government celebrates Diwali; foreign minister shares stage with Indian representative

This is how a nation dies: Tyrants are using the Coronavirus crisis to destroy Hinduism and ‘civilise the heathens’

The Eternal Significance Of Diwali

नाजरीन ने FB पर सोनिया बनकर मोहित से किया निकाह, जबरन खतना कर बनाया मुस्लिम, FIR दर्ज

Diwali Is A Gift Left For Me By My Forefathers, No Minister Has The Right To Take It Away.

Telangana: Fire Workers association moves Supreme Court against HC order that imposed firecrackers ban

बदायूं: दारोगा पिता भाई से जबरन करा रहा था निकाह, तंग आकर घर से भागी मुस्लिम लड़की बनी हिंदू, परिवार पर यौन शोषण का आरोप

While China whines about economics, Taiwan tugs on heart strings: Here is how China and Taiwan wishes Hindus on Diwali

Australian PM Scott Morrison sends Diwali message amid COVID-19 pandemic

Odisha man returns home after 20 years in Pakistan jail

Pakistan knows it all, yet ‘not being sincere’ on 26/11, says India

Delhi: Hindu man says Muslim woman posed as Hindu to marry him, later forcefully converted him to Islam and got him circumcised

Tamil Nadu: Authorities evict a family from Temple in Tanjavur 60 years after encroachment

Watch: India retaliates after Pakistan violates ceasefire, 7-8 Pakistani soldiers dead, several injured, bunkers destroyed

Arundhati Roy’s Book In A Tamil Nadu University’s Syllabus: How The Left Abuses Its Position Of Power In Academic Citadels To Impose Its Ideology

Crude bomb making activities increase in West Bengal as several blasts have taken place in the last few months: Read details

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