18th November 2020

Daily updates for 18th November 2020

Indians Begin Uninstalling Zomato’s App After Company Responds To Swara Bhasker’s Complaint About Advertising On Republic

Twitter Suspends True Indology Again Amid Spat With D Roopa; #BringBackTrueIndology Trends

Twitter accused of shadow-banning Indian Army’s Chinar Corp’s account, complaint filed by Delhi-based activist group

True Indology Breaks Silence As Twitter Suspends Its Account, Alleges D Roopa Ultimatum

Singhvi Enters True Indology Row; Slams Roopa For ‘arguing With Anonymous Twitter Handles’

सनसनीखेज़ : संयुक्त अरब अमीरात में पाकिस्तानियों की Entry Banned : अरब देश ने दिखाई सख्ती

ज़मीन जिहाद

KBC’s TRP Ratings Fall 50% In Season Marred By Boycott Calls For Promoting Far-left Propaganda

‘Coronavirus vaccine will be injected as a biometric chip to access private data’: Christian evangelist launches anti-vaccine propaganda

‘Non-Muslim women are being kidnapped, raped, lured, converted to Islam, punished and brainwashed’

Twitter in the line of fire after suspending ‘True Indology’ again …

नर्स को प्रेमजाल में फंसा मुस्लिम डॉक्‍टर ने महीनों किया रेप, प्रेग्‍नेंट हुई तो बनाया धर्म परिवर्तन का दबाव!

Watch: Interview Shows “Poet-Activist” Varavara Rao Justifying The Murder Of Policemen By Maoists

Why OpIndia has decided to use ‘Grooming Jihad’ instead of ‘Love Jihad’ moving forward

Netizens Call To Reinstate True Indology’s Account, Suspended After IPS D Roopa Said Its “Time Was Up”

‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’ has actually come true for Hindus, if Kejriwal’s antics are anything to go by

‘Your time’s up,’ IAS and IPS officers flaunt their arrogance and entitlement with impunity and a social media policy must stop them

True Indology Suspension Irks Ranvir Shorey, Actor Slams Twitter Calling It ‘utter Shame’

ट्रू इंडोलॉजी के समर्थन में IPS रूपा को कंगना ने बताया आरक्षण का दुष्परिणाम, कहा उसकी अयोग्यता झलकती है

चर्चा में हार से भड़की IPS के चलते TrueIndology एकाउंट सस्पेंड, देश की जनता की एकजुट आवाज़ #BringBackTrueIndology

A Debate With An IPS Officer Ends with True Indology Twitter account (@tlinexile) suspension | Is Twitter biased Platform?

हिन्दू लड़कियों को कामुक तक कह डाला उस वामपंथी अदाकारा ने जिसे स्टार कहती हैं सेक्युलर महिलाएं

Worry over foreign fund deluge to over 600 NGO-run homes in South

‘She said my time was up, and I was suspended’: TrueIndology says on Facebook after being suspended from Twitter

‘फ्रांस का विरोध नहीं किया तो हिंदुस्तान में भी ईंट से ईंट बजा देंगे’: कॉन्ग्रेस नेता आरिफ मसूद के बयान पर अरेस्ट वारंट जारी

Bombay High Court orders Bhima Koregaon accused Varavara Rao to be treated at Nanavati Hospital at state expense

Twitter apologises to parliamentary panel for showing wrong Indian map, promises to rectify the error by Nov 30

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