12th December 2020

Daily updates for 12th December 2020

“कुरान करती है भारतीय संविधान का उल्लंघन”, वकील करुणेश शुक्ला ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट में याचिका दायर की

बीजेपी अध्यक्ष जेपी नड्डा पर हमले के बाद बंगाल में सियासी बयानबाजी तेज

ईसाई संगठन द्वारा रेल की पटरी के आसपास रहने वाले गरीब बच्चों का शिक्षा के नाम पर किया गया धर्म-परिवर्तन !

‘Farmer protests’ are nothing but manufactured perception to fool the country, protestors constitute less than 1% of real farmers in the country

Saudi Arabia deported a large number of Indians back to India for protesting against CAA and NRC: Reports

India’s Tough Stand Forced Trudeau To Soften His Rhetoric

Pakistan: ‘Lion of Punjab’ Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s statue vandalised – again

“लव जिहाद” हिंदू लड़कियों के खिलाफ एक भयावह साजिश

हैदराबाद से 5 औरतों को सैफी ने दुबई भेजा, वहाँ सफीर ने ₹2 लाख में बेचा: पीड़ित परिवारों ने मोदी सरकार से लगाई बचाने की गुहार

PFI-Campus Front of India general secretary with SIMI links arrested from Thiruvananthapuram Airport

‘Farmer leader’ VM Singh protesting and demanding assurance on the MSP is actually a Congress leader accused in 8 cases, has assets worth crore

Kerala: Dog tied to car dragged on road,  ..

जम्मू-कश्मीर में लोकतंत्र की नई सुबहः पहली बार शरणार्थी, गोरखा, वाल्मीकि समुदाय के लोग भी डालेंगे वोट

Kerala: Irked by dog ‘creating trouble’ in his area, one Yusuf ties dog to car and drags her along, arrested for cruelty

Mainstream media goes overboard in whitewashing Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh’s hate speech against Hindus: Read details

As farmer protest’s Shaheen Bagh model reaches Delhi-Jaipur highway, Amit Shah holds meeting amidst suspicions of potential violence

Pakistani credit card recovered from Shiv Sena leader Pratap Sarnaik, was registered to his address in Mumbai

Child Rights Commission directs Madhya Pradesh Govt to take action against District Magistrate in illegal Christian conversion of minors

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