21st December 2020

Daily updates for 21st December 2020

‘Love jihad’: 11 of family booked in UP, 6 in jail; reward of Rs.25,000 on 5 ‘missing’

बच्चों के अंग-भंग कर सूरदास के गाने! जी नहीं… इसाइयों ने खोजा था चर्च के लिए यह अमानवीय तरीका

Ex-boyfriend Ismail attacks Hindu girl with machete in Hubballi, Karnataka

Bengaluru: Nurse films hostel inmates while bathing to get her boyfriend to marry her

“We will first capture Kashmir and then invade India from all sides for Ghazwa e Hind”: Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in viral video

Anti-CAA riots: As propaganda spreads about ‘children’ being arrested, CNN-News18 deletes video showing young Muslim rioters in Kanpur

Bengaluru riots: NIA arrests 17 PFI and SDPI party leaders for their involvement in large scale rioting in August

Wishing Merry Christmas is ‘Shirk’, you are creating your place in hell: Viral video shows preacher Zakir Naik telling Muslims

एटा में ‘आयुषी’ बनी ‘आयशा’, छात्रा का अपहरण कर जबरण धर्मांतरण और बलात्कार, अब तक 6 गिरफ्तार

NCP leader Arbaaz Khan asks Hindus to leave Bharat or he will rape their mothers ‘who are roaming naked’

As Bhim Army supports Islamist protests against CAA, here is what happened to a Dalit leader who had supported Pakistan

Meerut: Anti-CAA rioters trap RAF police forces in a house and try to burn them alive, 4 rioters killed after bullets fly from both sides

Anti-CAA protest at Kranti Maidan, Mumbai: 11 videos that show clueless protestors who have no idea why they are protesting

Kerala: Situation so bad that Communist CMs are blowing the whistle on ‘secularism’

Himachal makes law against forced religious conversion

Wife of Kerala journalist killed in dubious accident contrasts the police’s preliminary findings

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