26th December 2020

Daily updates for 26th December 2020

राम मंदिर के लिए निकले थे चंदा जमा करने, मुस्लिम भीड़ ने किया हमला: 10 घायल, महाकाल मंदिर के पास की घटना

Child abuse at children’s orphanage funded by US based Charis foundation

“I will stab you with a knife”, Bharatiya Kisan Union leader’s wife issues death threats to PM Modi

New Zealand: Indian origin Radio host stabbed by assailants after he supported the new farm laws in India, in critical condition

तोबा बनी तान्या, दलित युवक से की शादी तो मिल रहीं धमकियां, युवती बोली- पिता-भाई पति को मारने के लिए ढूंढ़ रहे

Pakistan via Dubai: How member of Khalistani SFJ Vikas Verma, arrested at Delhi Airport, became Mohammad Vikas and facilitated terror

Madhya Pradesh Cabinet clears Religious Freedom Bill with 10-year jail term

Missionary organisation explicit in their aim to destroy indigenous traditions caught violating Indian visa laws

NCPCR investigation into six children home established by Badruddin Ajmal: Funds from Turkish org linked to Al-Qaeda, mistreatment of children and more

Hate speech against Hindus and temples by farmer union’s Tikait

UP Muslim man who embraced Hindu Dharma receiving threats

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