1st January 2021

Daily updates for 1st January 2021

Church Priority over Last 400 Years: Social Justice or Conversion?

Two Hindus found hanging inside police officer’s room in Pakistan’s Sindh, activist says they were tortured before being murdered

In Srinagar, jeweller killed weeks after domicile nod, militants warn of more attacks

AP judiciary makes bizzare observation, says person who goes to Church not Christian

Bollywood-Underworld Nexus – Reasons And Solutions

India lodges strong protest against the destruction of a Hindu temple in Pakistan

20 रुपए के लिए हुआ विवाद तो मुस्लिमों ने 40 घर पर लगा दिए ‘यह मकान बिकाऊ है’ के पोस्टर

Breaking – सुदर्शन की खबर पर मुहर.. बिहार के गृह सचिव पद से हटाये गये विवादित IAS आमिर सुब्हानी

J&K-based Punjabi jeweller gets domicile, shot dead by terrorists

मुंगेर में दुर्गा विसर्जन के समय मारा गया अनुराग याद है आपको, बिहार सरकार भूल गई; लिपि सिंह को फिर से कमान

Pakistan national Bano Begum becomes Etah district’s gram panchayat head, had forged Aadhar and voter ID: Read details

Pastor sexually exploits betrothed woman and tries to marry another for dowry

400-year-old Lord Rama idol at Andhra Pradesh temple vandalised

400 years old idol of God Ram was beheaded in Andhra Pradesh, while more than 120 attacks on Hindu temples already committed in the state under the regime of Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

4 Hindu Aikyavedi workers arrested for protesting against ‘halal food’ in Kerala

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