3rd January 2021

Daily updates for 3rd January 2021

मुनव्वर फारूकी अगर ‘शार्ली एब्दो’ होता तो उसकी गर्दन नीचे पड़ी होती… लटर-पटर बंद करो लिबरलों

Zakir Naik Justifies Demolition Of Temple In Pakistan Says ‘Temples Should Not Be Allowed In Islamic Country’

3 महीने पहले इस्लाम छोड़ मोहम्मद अनवर बने थे देव प्रकाश, कट्टरपंथियों ने जला डाला घर: एक्शन में UP पुलिस

If Munawar Faruqui were ‘Charlie Hebdo’, he’d have been beheaded, not arrested, so cut the crap

After T.M. Krishna, singer Chinmayi comes out in support of ‘accomplished poet and writer’ who called Brahmins di*ks

UP: शौच करने गई ऊँची जाति की किशोरी से दलित युवक ने किया दुष्कर्म, अधिक ब्लीडिंग से हालत गंभीर

Comedian Munawar Faruqui among 5 held for ‘indecent remarks’ on Hindu deities

‘Comedian’ Munawar Faruqui, who mocked Hindu victims of the Godhra riots of 2002 in his shows, sent to judicial custody

Muhammad Naufal and Shamim arrested for raping minor tribal girls in Mysuru

Christians in Andhra Pradesh allowed to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s festivities

Zakir Naik backs demolition of temple in Pakistan, says ‘idols, statues should not be allowed in an Islamic country’

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