22nd January 2021

Daily updates for 22nd January 2021

पुत्र ने राम मंदिर को कम दान किया तो 95 वर्षीय विमला ने राशि बदल कर और ज्यादा दिलाया, कार्यकर्ता हुए भावुक

बीटेक छात्रा सैर को निकली तो अंशु बना दोस्त अशद मस्जिद में दिखा, शादी के लिए धर्मांतरण को कहा, गिरफ्तार

तमिलनाडु में जिहादी गैंग आतंकी NIA द्वारा गिरफ्तार, शरिया कानून के लिए करता था षड्यंत्रकारी बैठकें

Empowering Consumers: Now It Is Mandatory For Restaurants In South Delhi To Display Halal Or Jhatka For Their Meat

SC Sends Notice To Amazon Prime Video Over Mirzapur Web Series, Following Plea Against Its Content

Sex trafficking racket kingpin Aftab who targeted Hindu girls arrested by UP police

School officials suspended after anti-Brahmin remarks were found scribbled on the school wall

Hindu youth beaten to death by Muslim girlfriend’s family when he went to wish her on new year

Left-wing fury at Vir Sanghvi shows just how much ‘liberals’ hate Hindus

Temples under attack in Andhra Pradesh: Hindus must be granted autonomy and the chance to defend themselves from external attacks

Canadian MP Bob Saroya Releases Statement On 31st Anniversary Of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing Of Kashmiri Hindus

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