26th January 2021

Daily updates for 26th January 2021

Mamata takes offence to Jai Sri Ram slogans at first Parakram Diwas celebrations

Indo-Canadian MP, Who Was Critical Of Trudeau Govt Pandering To Khalistani Separatists, Ousted From Liberal Party

A Maulvi’s job is to teach religion, education of students is the govt’s responsibility: Himanta Biswa Sarma on madarsas

दलितों द्वारा मूत्र पिलाये जाने पर आत्महत्या करने वाले ब्राह्मण युवक के आरोपी बेख़ौफ़, पिता न्याय के लिए लगा रहे गुहार

Hindus must ask now if their religious flag atop Lal Quila would be an acceptable sight

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  1. Just as important as fighting for Hindu rights is educating people about Hinduism. The truth about Dharma.

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