31st January 2021

Daily updates for 31st January 2021

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

JNU-like scenes at Delhi Police headquarters as ‘journalists’ raise slogans against Mandeep Punia’s detention, say he lived and ate with protesters

Telangana CID freezes 26 bank accounts associated with Christian evangelist organisation and a Pastor

Ahead of Republic Day riots, Khalistanis gave a call to pick up arms on social media apps: Reports

Hinduphobic comments, incendiary speeches and a small crowd: Here is what happened at Elgar Parishad 2021

Zee News से पूर्व उपराष्ट्रपति Hamid Ansari बोले- देश में अब भी डरे हैं मुसलमान’, काउंटर सवाल के बाद छोड़ा इंटरव्यू

Uttar Pradesh: Dr Kafeel Khan named as one of top 10 history sheeters in Gorakhpur, to remain on police radar

Complaint filed against Christian missionary and Dalit organizations for misusing a 20 year old woman’s picture

Tamil Nadu: Evangelical Mafias fool state machinery, nuns sexually exploited in Convents, Conversion activities rampant inside prisons

Tandav was when Indians decided enough is enough and now the govt is making rules to discipline OTT apps

Woman who found Christian pastor in compromising position with another woman hospitalized

SHOCKING: Mahatma Gandhi Statue Destroyed In California; US-Indians Plan Car Rally Protest

‘हिंदू समाज सड़ चुका, ये मुसलमानों की लिंचिंग कर रहे, मंदिर में पूजा भी कर रहे’, AMU पूर्व छात्र शरजील उस्मानी ने फिर उगला जहर

Hinduphobic comments, incendiary speeches and a small crowd: Here is what happened at Elgar Parishad 2021

‘Journalist’ Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, who was booked for 2012 Israel embassy blast: Where is he and what is he doing

Agenda-driven, Hinduphobic journalism of New York Times – Part 1

It is time the ‘right-wing’ sets its own terms and frustrate ‘liberals’ with strategic silence: Here is the ‘why’ and ‘how’

Sadhu who feeds needy for free and lives in caves, donates Rs 1 crore for Ram Mandir

Was flag raised on Red Fort during Republic Day riots the Nishan Sahib? How Twitter and ‘fact-checkers’ manipulated media

After UP and MP, Delhi Police files case against Shashi Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai for peddling fake news during Republic Day riots

किसान आंदोलन को PFI का समर्थन, बीजेपी-संघ पर ‘गुंडागर्दी’ का आरोप 

Uttar Pradesh: FIR filed against The Wire Editor Siddharth Varadarajan for circulating fake news about rioter’s death during R-Day riots

Delhi: Caravan employee Mandeep Punia tries to cross barricades and misbehave with cops at Singhu border, detained

Multai massacre: when 24 innocent farmers were massacred in 1998 by Congress CM Digvijay Singh

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