10th February 2021

Daily updates for 10th February 2021

Conclave of Hindu seers calls for protecting temples in southern Bharat

Was ALT News Aware Of The Toolkit Way Before Its Release ?

Former Uttarakhand coach Wasim Jaffer accused of favouring Muslim cricketers, bringing Maulavis to the camps, changing the team’s slogan; Jaffer denies

Alcohol, considered ‘haram’ in Islam gets ‘halal’ certificate in Kerala, Hindu Aikyavedi President K P Sasikala points out hypocrisy

‘जय हनुमान’ के नारे से दिक्कत लेकिन कैंप में नमाज के लिए मौलवियों को बुलाते थे, कोच पद से इस्तीफे के बाद मजहबी विवाद में फंसे वसीम जाफर

Shocking: Wasim Jaffer tried to promote Islam in Uttarakhand Cricket team!

Wasim Jaffer Resigns As Uttarakhand Cricket Coach, Cites Interference, ‘Used To Call Maulavis to Camp’, Says Report

Kerala: Congress MLA apologises to Muslims, claims was ‘cheated’ by RSS to donate for Ram Mandir

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