15th February 2021

Daily updates for 15th February 2021

From Delhi Riots to Rinku Sharma: How the media blames the victim every time the accused is from the minority community

Can We Have Our Village Back? Villagers Up In Arms Against Evangelist Group Taking Over Village’s Identity

Pieter Friedrich, associated with ISI operative, key name mentioned by Police in toolkit conspiracy, ‘fact checkers’ also feature

धार्मिक नारे लगा मुस्लिम पक्ष ने हिन्दुओं पर करी फायरिंग, लाठी डंडो से हमले के बाद जमकर हुई पत्थरबाजी में 5 घायल

‘Lord Ram Is At The Centre Of Belief Of Dalits’: Ambedkar Mahasabha Donates Silver Brick To Bhavya Ram Mandir

Villagers in Andhra Pradesh complain against conversion activities, get slapped with SC/ST Act

Disha Ravi and Nikita Jacob took part in an online meeting with Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal of PJF to create unrest on January 26

‘Stunted adulthood’: The Caravan attacks Sachin Tendulkar’s middle class origins, insinuates he is mentally unfit to humiliate him over unity comment

Maoists Issue Death Threats to Chhattisgarh Journalists

कश्मीरी पंडितों के बिना कश्मीरियत और जम्हूरियत दोनों अधूरी है।

RTI reveals shocking info about Paul Dhinakaran’s Karunya

Dear Google, ‘God bless You’ can’t be translated as ‘Assalaamu Alaikum’; Netizens accuse google of serving Islamic content

“Don’t spend on extravaganzas like Pujas, temple rituals, festivals and offering to the priests,” Kerala’s Left government orders Hindu temples to cut expenses!

“21-Year-Old, Animal Lover, Vegan” : How The Leftist Media Is Trying To Whitewash Disha Ravi

Thunberg tool-kit: 22-year-old Disha arrested on the charge of conspiring with Khalistanis to wage war on India

Villagers in Andhra Pradesh complain against conversion activities, get slapped with SC/ST Act

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