17th February 2021

Daily updates for 17th February 2021

Hypocrisy Of The ‘Woke.’ What All Tools Have In Common –

Temple in Srinagar closed due to militancy reopens after 31 years on Panchami

‘Super offensive’: Rihanna criticized for wearing necklace of Hindu god in topless photo

Aatish Taseer draws inspiration from Yogendra Yadav, ‘Aandolanjeevis’ now go international

Uttar Pradesh STF nabs two PFI terrorists with huge cache of explosives, wanted to carry out terror attack on Basant Panchami

Guwahati: Journalists Taufiquddin and Iqbal arrested for spreading photo of Himanta Biswa Sarma with his daughter with malicious claims

Khalistani terror group SFJ launches website to support Disha Ravi, Deep Sidhu and others, starts email campaign to ban PM Modi in foreign countries

आपको गोधरा कांड तो याद है न? 59 रामसेवकों को जलाने वाला मुख्य आरोपी रफीक हुसैन गिरफ्तार, 19 साल से चल रहा था फरार

Extinction Rebellion, Which Nikita Jacob Claims Is Behind The Toolkit, Is Allegedly Funded By George Soros

PFI plan for series of attacks across country foiled, two members arrested in Uttar Pradesh

Why Rihanna’s topless pic on Twitter is making netizens furious?

‘Support farm laws and get killed, attacked or raped,’ absolute mayhem in Canada makes Indian govt talk to the Trudeau govt

Exclusive: ‘Assemblies of God’ fills up acres of wetlands for illegal construction with the connivance of CPM, refuses to restore the land despite Collector’s order; Financial transactions raise suspicion

HDK compares Ram Mandir donation receipts with branding David’s Star on Jew homes during Holocaust

Two PFI Members from Kerala, with Explosives and Detonators, Arrested in Uttar Pradesh; Leaders cry Foul

Rinku, Rachit And Nikita !! Who Next ??

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