20th February 2021

Daily updates for 20th February 2021

Karnataka PFI leader warns Muslims against donating to Ram Mandir, case registered for hate speech: Read what he said

‘Cow slaughter should be treated at par with murder’: Union Minister Pratap Sarangi writes to Odisha CM after accident of truck carrying cattle illegally

India: Muslims Hold Rally to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of 1921 Moplah Hindu Genocide

Allah knew in 2011 that COVID will come in 2020, that is why graveyards were made before that: Watch bizarre viral video of Dr Jitendra Awhad

West Bengal: Police arrest one Mohammad Hanif for rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl, was living as Ram Kumar for 12 years

नाबालिग हिंदू ब्राह्मण लड़की के साथ सामूहिक बलात्कार और उसकी हत्या, सियासी सियार और गिद्ध मीडिया चुप..!!

NDTV’s Sanket Upadhyay Wants Man To Be Jailed For Calling NDTV Reporters A**holes And Urban Naxals, Tags Police Accounts

FIR filed against Congress leader Dr Udit Raj for spreading fake news in Unnao girls death case

“RSS gave me foundational values”, says E Sreedharan, also raises the issue of “Love Jihad”

केरल: PFI का नया भड़काऊ वीडियो, कथित ‘RSS कार्यकर्ता’ को खुलेआम हथकड़ी लगाकर निकली रैली

Left-Liberals Have Epic Meltdown After India’s Metro Man E Sreedharan Joins BJP

Bangladesh terror outfit aided PFI members planning attacks in UP

CAA is coming back with double the vigour, Amit Shah’s symbolic gesture has a very loud message underneath

The Madras High Court nod for state to take over temple land for collectorate

K2 (Kashmir-Khalistan) plan to unsettle India is being hatched by an unholy nexus of Turkey and Pakistan

‘Jana Gana Mana’ played for the first time in Nagaland Assembly 58 years after the state formation

PFI rally in Kerala depicts the Moplah massacre of Hindus, parades chained people in RSS uniform

Shiv Sena inducts out-on-bail convicted murderers Rahatmulla Khan, Indin Shaikh and Anawar Shaikh into the party: Read details

BJP Kerala Chief welcomes CBI inquiry into Jasna Missing case; calls it a ‘classic case of love jihad’

Madhya Pradesh government renames Hoshangabad district as Narmadapura

Singer Chinmayi goes on Twitter rant and plays victim card, calls young student a ‘BJP member’ for supporting farm laws

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