24th February 2021

Daily updates for 24th February 2021

Furious Brahmins in Karnataka make the makers of Pogaru remove anti-Brahmin scenes

Rinku Sharma 2.0 averted in Malwani Malad; Being a Hindu is the BIGGEST SIN in ‘Secular’ India??

Schoolteacher indoctrinated with Periyar Ideology accused of ill-treating Hindu students; parents demand POCSO case against him

Karnataka: Arabic school teacher Mohammad Saifulla arrested for sexually harassing girl student in bus

Kanpur, UP: Campaign to stop noise from mosque loudspeakers

Rinku Sharma-like lynching averted after a Muslim mob tried to barge inside a Hindu house in Mumbai’s Malwani: Legal activist group gives details

उन्नाव केस: फ़र्जी खबर पर UP पुलिस ने FIR की तो भीम सेना ने CM योगी व पुलिस पर ही Sc-St में कराई FIR

School principal booked under anti-conversion law in MP: Police

Lessons From Mongolpuri

विष्णु ब्राह्मण ने फर्जी एससी एसटी एक्ट मुकदमें में काटी 20 साल की जेल, हाईकोर्ट ने माना, विष्णु का जीवन बर्बाद हुआ…

Malayalam News Anchor gets Communist Sponsored Award for Peddling Fake News against Central Government

दलितों के कितने हितैषी हैं दलित चिन्तक

Kerala government announces the withdrawal of Sabarimala agitation related cases

Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh Plans to Overhaul Madrasas

Karnataka: Pejavara seer writes to film chamber condemning hate against Brahmins in shown in Kannada movie ‘Pogaru’

Maharashtra Congress passes resolution demanding reservation for Muslims and Marathas

Karnataka: Journalist gets death threats from actor Dhruv Sarja’s fans for exposing anti-Brahmin hate shown in ‘Pogaru’ movie

Bengal Police CID Detains Bangladeshi National In Trinamool Minister Bomb Attack Case

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