26th February 2021

Daily updates for 26th February 2021

Breaking The Communist-Jihadi Nexus

Bangladesh: Minor Hindu girl forcibly converted to Islam

NRIs in Canada protest outside Khalistani sympathiser and Canadaian MP Jagmeet Singh’s office amidst attacks from Khalistanis

फोन पर अश्लील बातें करने वाले दलित युवक की गिरफ्तारी की बजाय पीड़ित परिजनों को Sc/St एक्ट में जेल

Media Blames Hindus for Rebuilding Temple Muslims Demolished and Replaced with a Mosque

तांडव विवादः अमेजन प्राइम इंडिया हेड की अग्रिम जमानत याचिका खारिज, कोर्ट ने लगाई फटकार

Muslim man held for ‘trying to lure’ Hindu woman in Jharkhand

PFI member Rauf Sharif, accused of stirring unrest in Hathras, refuses to sit in UP Police vehicle

India: Muslim arrested for spitting on food while serving as cook at Hindu wedding

Schoolgirl gang-raped for months in exchange for drugs at Malappuram, befriended through Instagram

Kerala cricket team sparks controversy for its all Muslim players

MP: ‘ईसाई धर्म अपनाओगी तो वेतन बढ़ाऊंगी’: मिशनरी स्कूल प्रिंसिपल पर टीचर ने धर्मांतरण का लगाए आरोप

अकबर हत्यारे ने 40,000 निरपराध हिन्दुओं को मार डाला था

Tipu Sultan pretended to be Satish Rai to try and marry, convert a 19-year-old, was nabbed because of alert villagers: Read what happened

Malaysian Tamils get chapter on Periyar in textbooks removed

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