12th March 2021

Daily updates for 12th March 2021

Four year old raped by Muslim neighbour in Bhainsa, Telangana

How can poor brown people make good vaccines? FT peddled lies claiming PM Modi may have ‘secretly’ taken a foreign dose

First Indian woman President of Oxford student union resigns over ‘offensive’ posts

Supreme Court issues notice after petition challenges validity of 1991 Act that prevents reclamation of Kashi-Mathura temples

Mockery of the POCSO Act; Maulana comes to court and marries rape victim, a minor, to her rapist

वायरल पोस्ट: दलित युवती ने बियर पीकर बनाया भाई से संबंध, पैसो के लिए फसा दिए दो राजपूत युवक

बच्चों के लिए स्कूली पुस्तकों की पिछली सलाहकार समिति में विष बुझे लोग

Ex-Chairman of the Shia Waqf Board files a petition in SC seeking removal of 26 verses of the Quran saying they ‘promote terrorism and jihad’

Lights, Camera & Persecution: The Epic of Shibu Thomas 

Theatre Artist Joins BJP, Leftist Director Drops Him from Play

USA: Alabama House of Representatives passes bill to end Yoga ban, but postures to have only English names and no ‘Namaste’

जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य ने हरिद्वार कुंभ में स्थान नहीं मिलने का लगाया आरोप, कहा- शासन तंत्र ने पूर्ण उपेक्षा की

Prashant Bhushan files SC petition on behalf of illegal Rohingya immigrants to stop their deportation from Jammu

Another day, another Netflix series, another controversy: NCPCR slams Bombay Begums for objectionable content

Uttar Pradesh police arrest 40-year-old Irshad for trying to molest a 4-year-old girl behind a temple

Theatre artist loses job after joining BJP, vocal Communist supporter behind the removal: Here is all you need to know

Controversy : वेब सीरीज ‘बॉम्बे बेगम्स’ की बढ़ी मुसीबतें, लग सकती है प्रसारण पर रोक 

Alabama House votes to end yoga ban, but don’t say ‘namaste’

‘Netflix must take precaution while streaming content’, NCPCR demands to stop streaming of ‘Bombay Begum’

शिवरात्रि पर ताजमहल में पूजा करने की कोशिश में हिंदू महासभा के नेता गिरफ्तार, कहा- ताज महल था शिव मंदिर

NCPCR askes Netflix to stop streaming ‘Bombay Begums’ over inappropriate portrayal of children

Pro-Khalistani Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh’s relative under investigation for the attack on Tiranga-Maple rally organised in Canada

Sharad Pawar ‘invented’ an extra bomb blast in 1993 ‘to promote Hindu-Muslim harmony’, said was praised for his lie

मंदिर गई 5 वर्षीय मासूम का इरशाद ने किया रेप, शोर मचाने पर लहूलुहान कर भागा, गिरफ्तार

Sabarimala Women Entry Controversy: Kerala Dewaswom Minister Kadakampally Surendran Expresses Regret, Tries to win back Hindu votes

Jatiyo Kristiyo Prochar Samity accused of FCRA violation, complaint lodged

Huge Public Uproar forces Twitter to revoke the Suspension of two Handles- Legal Rights Observatory & Dalit Positive Movement

NCPCR Orders Netflix to Stop Streaming of Web Series Bombay Begums

1 हफ्ते में विष्णु के खाते में आई 5 लाख से अधिक की राशि, सरकार ने नहीं करी कोई मदद

‘SDPI will rule Kerala by 2031, India by 2047’, says SDPI Kerala State President Majid Faisi

Hindu Mahasabha activists held for doing puja in Taj Mahal premises

Woman murders husband, buries body in house

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