26th March 2021

Daily updates for 26th March 2021

Muslim Man Caught On Video Abusing Hindu Deities In Alwar District Which Mainstream Media Describes As ‘Hindutva Laboratory’

US House Rep remembers the Bengali Hindu Genocide of 1971, Indian ‘liberal’ rushes in to prove why the mass slaughter has been forgotten

Ashoka University Prof Srinath Raghavan Falsely Claims No Jan Sangh Members Did Satyagraha For Creation Of Bangladesh, Gets Proven Hilariously Wrong

Chicago City Council rejects anti-India resolution 

Maulana Jarjis lauded Mamata Banerjee for standing up against ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans, urged Muslims in Bengal to vote for her: Read details

मुंबई ही सुरक्षित क्यों लगा होगा राजस्थान के लव जिहादी को ? लेकिन आख़िरकार वहां भी न छिप सका और पकड़ा गया

With Holi round the corner, left-liberal cabal is back to moral policing & lecturing Hindus

Life Imprisonment for Tausef and Rehan in Nikita Tomar Murder Case

ब्राह्मण परिवार की दशा: रहने को कच्चा घर भी नसीब नहीं, दो वक़्त की रोटी के लिए 65 वर्षीय महिला मजदूरी को मजबूर

Munawar Faruqui case: Co-accused Nalin Yadav quits stand-up comedy and starts working as a daily labourer

Amar Chitra Katha issues statement after anti-Hindu comment of ‘intern’ goes viral: All you need to know

Chicago City Council rejects anti-India resolution on CAA and human rights situation

Uttar Pradesh Govt to Take Back Its Land from Rohingyas in Delhi

Nikita Tomar’s killers sentenced to life imprisonment by Faridabad district sessions court

List of Jihadi attacks in Tamil Nadu

NCPCR seeks inquiry into allegations of misconduct and Christian missionary activity in Telangana’s state-run schools

“We are 30%, they are 70%. If Muslims unite, we can create 4 new Pakistans. Where will the 70% go?”: TMC leader Sheikh Alam

Prof Truschke Must Explain

British Hindus lodge official complaint with Oxford Univ. against Prof. Abhijit Sarkar for his anti-Hindu hate speech

PDP pumped money into Hurriyat to keep secessionist activities alive in Valley

With Holi round the corner, left-liberal cabal is back to moral policing & lecturing Hindus

चर्च द्वारा ननों के यौन शोषण पर चुप्पी और मात्र पूछताछ पर शोर

BMC diktat banning Holi vs. request for ‘low key’ Shab-e-Barat is perfect example of ‘secularism’

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