28th March 2021

Daily updates for 28th March 2021

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Bangladesh: Islamists chant ‘direct action’, attack Hindu temples to protest PM Modi’s visit

होली आते ही वामपंथियों और फेमिनिस्ट का रोना

Terrorists hurl grenade at CRPF bunker in Anantnag; no loss of life or injury reported

3 Muslim men arrested for sexually harassing 14-year old girl; Police suspect larger gang involved

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wishes Hindus in his country a happy Holi. Do you know how many Hindus remain in Pakistan?

4 Brahmins falsely booked in Atrocity Act as Dalit youth files complaint after injuring self with a brick

DMK faces flak over their inter-caste marriage promise

Mizoram wants to settle Myanmarese Christians, but rejects CAA and kicks out Hindu Bru-Reang tribals

Uttar Pradesh: Farman rapes 25-year-old Divyang Dalit in a sugarcane field, threatens to murder if she told anyone

Hindu MLA assaulted, stripped naked by pro-Khalistani ‘farmers’ in front of Punjab police

Police brutally assault Naga Sadhu and beat his private parts with stick, loot cash and belongings in Congress ruled Chhattisgarh

Bangladesh: Muslims attack Hindu temples, train, government offices, stone police in rage over Modi visit

दलितों ने गन्ना चुराने से मना करने पर राजपूत व्यक्ति की पीट-पीटकर करी हत्या, लगा चुके थे फर्जी SC-ST एक्ट

मेरठ: हाथ में रुद्राक्ष माला पहन कर तालिब चलाता था सैलून, हिंदू महिला से की छेड़छाड़

Sarala Samman: Blatant Hinduphobia Is The Best Way To Get An Awards In Modern Literature Era.

Manchester United FC attacked on social media for wishing their Hindu supporters a happy Holi

Centuries-old Channakeshava idol found during sand extraction in Karnataka’s Sakleshpur taluk

Supreme Court Issues Notice On Plea For Deportation Of Illegal Infiltrators – Bangladeshis & Rohinyas Within A Year

Uttar Pradesh: Plastic veil to ‘protect’ over 40 mosques in ‘sensitive’ areas ahead of ‘Joota Maar Holi’ procession to maintain peace

रोहिंग्या और बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठियों को एक साल के भीतर वापस भेजने की मांग, SC ने केंद्र को भेजा नोटिस

Today in Hinduphobia March 27, 2021: The South Asianist Silence over the Bengali Hindu Genocide of 1971

होली के रंग को मैला करने की वामपंथी सजिश

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