18th April 2021

Daily updates for 18th April 2021

Karnataka: Police arrest Syed Nasir for burning library with 3000 copies of Bhagavad Gita, was drunk when he lit matchstick for beedi

“Lord Shiva will save Jerusalem” – Hindu Mahasabha retaliates for “Jesus bless Tamil Nadu”

Vayalur, a town that stands testimony to the history of Pallavas

Gujarat: Three Bangladeshi intruders arrested from Surat for human trafficking, minor girl rescued from prostitution

Uttarakhand BJP leader Suhail Pasha resigns after video shows him boasting about making village ‘Pandit-free’ goes viral

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta challenges for free flight tickets to Pakistan but goes into hiding after Twitter user provides it. Read what happened

World Hindu Foundation asks Justice Rohinton Nariman to take back his ‘mischievous’ comments on Vedas

How some new gurus are damaging Hindu Dharma, even if unintentionally

The Anatomy of Pakistan’s 5th generation warfare

Notice banning Muslims during annual festivities in Malliyottu Palottu temple: Kannur, Kerala

Justice Nariman must behave responsibly and refrain from speaking about Vedas: Swami Vigyananand

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

The Sufi conference at Gaya that wasn’t labelled ‘Covid super spreader’ by English-language media

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