21st April 2021

Daily updates for 21st April 2021

Prabhu Sri Ram – the divine ruler who exemplified the term Maryada Purshottam

Hindu trader Shankar Lal shot dead in Pakistan

मर्यादापुरुषोत्तम राम जी के रूप और गुण

SDPI Graffiti inside Vamanapuram Perunthra Devi temple near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Majority-Minority issues in South Asia, and only Hindus lack state support

Rich, developed nations that preach on Human Rights unwilling to help address global vaccine inequity

‘We have ruled you for centuries’ says Sufi leader of Ajmer dargah Khadim Syed Sarwar Chishti

Three arrested for suspected gangrape and murder of Bodo woman in Darrang, Assam

Gujarat: Mob pelts stones, attacks police for asking them to not offer namaz in huge crowd

Kerala professor compares Modi with Hitler and right-wing with Nazi Germany in lecture to students, spews venom on Hindus and ‘Hindu parties’

‘Chacha mayor hain hamare’: Raipur mayor’s nephew Shoaib Dhebar misbehaves with cops when caught without mask, video viral

TMC, Kashmiri Journalist and propagandists found posting fake images and videos amidst Covid-19 crisis

Bin Salman Vision 2030: Saudi students to learn Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Hindu culture

Mosque illegally built on govt and temple lands, locals allege administration is complicit in encroachment

Hills around Subramanian Swamy temple in Tiruvannamalai encroached

Pollachi perumal temple Kumbhabishekam gets postponed due to COVID restrictions

Radhabinod Pal, the Indian legal luminary celebrated by Japan

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