30th April 2021

Daily updates for 30th April 2021

Media Release – Hindu Council of New Zealand celebrates its Silver Jubilee

‘Misleading on facts.’ IT Ministry tears into Wall Street Journal for misreporting on the temporary ban of #ResignModi

Rumours Of Abusive Tripura DM’s Suspension False, Only Inquiry Ordered Until Now: Report

85-year-old Swayamsevak gave up his life to save a family. Now liberals want to prove it as fake news

Top Ulfa (I) leader killed, JMB cadres apprehended in western Assam

जम्मू—कश्मीर: सुरक्षाबलों ने आईईडी को निष्क्रिय कर एक बड़ी आतंकी साजिश को किया नाकाम

Akshay Vat Tree of Treta Yuga Felled in Kashi for Beautification

अपने धर्म के नायकों से विरक्ति क्यों?

Dasna temple priest Yati Narsighanand Saraswati’s Twitter account suspended: What happened

कुछ नीच लोग मना रहे हैं रोहित सरदाना की मृत्यु का जश्न

Ram temple: When Sorabjee put his head on the chopping block to save Vajpayee Govt

Liberals, Islamists Celebrate After Journalist Rohit Sardana Passes Away

Newslaundry, ThePrint columnists, journalists, Congress ‘youth icon’ and other Islamists celebrate Rohit Sardana’s death

रोहित सरदाना के निधन पर कट्टरपंथियों का जश्न, बोले- मुस्लिमों को पाकिस्तान भेज रहा था, अल्लाह ने नरक भेज दिया

Meena dominated villagers dragged down Dalit groom from horse, said casteist abuses

What anti-CAA protests revealed: It’s not the ‘puncturewala’ but the ‘IIT-IIM wala’ that Hindus need to be wary of

Seven Muslims, including three teenagers, held in connection with murder attempt

Purva Paksha: Reversing the gaze

Fake News Spread by NDTV’s Ravish Kumar: Anubhav Sharma Died of Covid and His Last Rites were Performed by Md. Yunus As No One From the Family Came Forward

Safoora Zargar celebrates Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana’s death, says ‘maut ka tamasha’ is trailer for ‘Godi Media’

Seculars can go to any length to plant ‘Good Muslim – Ungrateful Hindu’ trope in Hindu minds

Seven Muslims, including three teenagers, held in connection with murder attempt

Madurai HC orders the shutting down of church built illegally in Sivagangai

Mughal historian William Dalrymple flees from India, says ‘Indian variant virus’ too powerful for vaccines

William Dalrymple: Hate and hubris of the perfumed elite, and the Robert Clive-esque sociopathic display of racism in the face of death

‘He was suffering from Modism’, ‘gaumutra drinking sanghi’: Minutes after Rohit Sardana’s death, Islamists vandalise his Wikipedia page

Issues and solutions for Veda Pathashalas: What ails our traditional education and how to solve it

Covid facilities, food, donations: Temples rise up to help the nation again as second wave hits

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