12th May 2021

Daily updates for 12th May 2021

Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint indulges in tragedy porn while emotionally manipulating a grieving family of RSS worker

Indian Australians targeted by dumping beef on cricket pitch in a Hinduphobic racist attack

गिद्ध पत्रकारिता या विपक्षी गिद्ध

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar gets vaccinated at facility reserved for senior citizens & differently abled

Child Marriage and related laws in Bharat – Part 1

Popular actor Chanchal Chowdury cyber-bullied after posting photo with sindoor-wearing mother: B’desh

50 cities, 30 nations and 5 continents – Hindus unite to protest Hindu Genocide in West Bengal

Thousands flock to Muslim cleric’s funeral in Badaun, UP in violation of Covid protocol

Battle of Raichur: Forgotten Valor of Narasimha Krishna Deva Raya

Indian ‘liberals’ come out in support of Palestine as Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists launch rocket attacks on Israel

The narrow escape: How a group of 46 Indian nurses was rescued from ISIS captivity in strife-torn Iraq in 2014

Here are 12 instances when the leftist media fanned fear against vaccines just before the second Covid wave

Congress leader Ali Mehdi wishes the destruction of Israel hours after terror outfit Hamas launches massive air strikes against Jewish nation

Kerala nurse killed after terror group Hamas launches rocket attack in Israel

The Hindu’s Political Editor Nistula Hebbar Thinks That 21% Test Positivity Rate Means 1 In 5 Indians Has Covid

इजराइल की तबाही की दुआ माँग रहे कॉन्ग्रेस नेता अली मेहदी ने डिलीट किया विवादित ट्वीट

Activist Yuvraj raised genuine questions over Hemkunt Foundation, received a barrage of abuses and threats in return

Swara Bhasker trends on Twitter after she supports Palestine and calls Israel an ‘Apartheid State’

Bhima Koregaon Case: SC Dismisses Gautam Navlakha’s Plea Seeking Bail Amid COVID Surge

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Indian Nurse, Fire More than 700 Rockets in Israel, Indian Pseudo-Liberals and Islamists Condemn Israel and Express Solidarity with Terrorists

Philistine-Israel Conflict: आतंकी संगठन हमास का इजरायल पर बड़ा हमला, दागे 130 रॉकेट, भारतीय महिला की मौत

Temple Takeover Act – A Conspiracy to loot Hindu Temples and destroy Hindu Dharma

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