16th May 2021

Daily updates for 16th May 2021

“क्या धर्म बदलने पर बच जाएंगे हम?” विवश है जनता, विवश राज्यपाल: यह है चुनाव बाद पश्चिम बंगाल

विदेशी मीडिया के शोर के पीछे क्या है विदेशी वैक्सीन या हिन्दूफोबिया?

‘Scientific temper’ arrogance of left-liberals is only skin deep

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Malerkotla: All you need to know about the 23rd district of Punjab with a Muslim-majority population

Fictional cow dung link to mucormycosis, silence on other fake claims: How ‘public health experts’ destroyed faith in institutions during the pandemic

Assam: Six arrested for disrespecting national flag, accused caught using tricolour as table cloth for Eid feast

Journalist Seema Chishti mocks Hinduism while pretending to be being critical of the RSS

J&K police detains 21 for pro-Palestine demonstrations, warns of action against those who disturb peace

Karnataka: Man arrested for making derogatory comments against Hindu deities

‘If we change our religion, will we live?’ – Tearful WB Governor reveals the ordeal of people during Nandigram visit

‘This man is filming us, beat him up, so what if’s a cop’: Mob beats up policeman in a kabristan in Ahmedabad on Eid

Rebel YRS Congress MP who was arrested for criticising Andhra CM Jagan Reddy tortured in custody, images of injuries go viral

Yogi Adityanath is proactively promoting LGBTQ rights, dignity – Ahmed Shariff

‘Should We Change Our Religion To Survive’: Bengal Governor Breaks Down As He Narrates Statements Of Political Violence Victims

वीडियो: रियाज ने साथियों संग मिलकर अंकित शर्मा के परिवार पर किया हमला, प्रेग्नेंट पत्नी व बूढ़ी माँ को भी पीटा

In less than a week after Himanta’s call for talks, armed wing of ULFA-I declared unilateral ceasefire for three months

आंध्र प्रदेश मिशनरियों के विरोध में खड़े होने पर CID ने सांसद आर के राजू को किया लहूलुहान

Punished for Speaking Against Evangelical Mafia? AP HC sets up spl bench after YSRCP MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju injured in CID custody

A Hindu student at Indiana University was bullied by Audrey Truschke and other Hindu haters for writing against Hinduphobia

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