19th May 2021

Daily updates for 19th May 2021

Brazen Hinduphobia of Unacademy: Online education platform paints Hindus as anti-Muslim bigots, blames third party after outrage

Shahenshah Khan poses as Brahmin to marry Hindu woman in Uttar Pradesh, later assaults her after identity is revealed

कांग्रेस टूलकिट: भाजपा के बहाने निशाना हिन्दुओं पर निशाना साधना!

Pak intruder nabbed along IB in Samba, J&K

Congress toolkit exposes party’s Hindudvesh and anti-Bharat narrative

Bengal elections & the post–poll violence – The paradoxical dichotomies

CoHNA invites all Hindus for its first anniversary virtual celebration

Md. Amir (21) arrested for blackmailing Delhi girl (13) over nude video obtained through Instagram

Barabanki: While Muslim organisations protest demolition of 100-year-old illegal ‘mosque’, residents of the building had fled after receiving notice

Propaganda outlet Alt News ends up exposing itself, shows how they work with Congress to attack BJP’s political moves

PIL filed in SC seeking NIA investigation into the Congress “toolkit”, seeks suspension of party’s registration if the probe finds them guilty

Islamists in India trend #Quds_हमारा_है to proclaim Jerusalem belongs only to Muslims

Netizens demand arrest of ‘comedian’ Abish Mathew after his sexist tweet on Mayawati goes viral

Ex-NDTV journalist removed from his post of Media Advisor to Uttarakhand CM

How did the left-liberals, Congress and their friendly media media become successful in creating ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in India

Chhattisgarh: Locals deny police claim that three protestors killed in police firing in Silger were Maoists, demand probe

Feminism in India founder’s ‘All Muslims are terrorists’ tweet goes viral, a day after she aplogised for derogatory tweet on Mayawati

Who drafted the Congress toolkit? Here is what we know

Blackmailing, extorting money from minor’s family over explicit images: Delhi police arrest culprit Md Aamir

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